Monday, February 18, 2008

A Tip for You College Kids

I learned in college that I was brilliant.

Being brought up in a family that never had all of the newest stuff (but never lacked anything important), I have always had a bit of a frugal mindset. Even when I went to college and was on my own for the first time, I didn’t really have a problem blowing money, because my parents had taught me how to be responsible with it. I was SHOCKED though the first trip I made to the bookstore. What was this? My calculus book* costs $120.00 USED?!?! Why?!

Of course I always purchased used books (unless forced to do otherwise), but I had a plan when reselling (this is where the brilliant part comes in). I would keep my books at the end of the semester instead of immediately reselling them. Then at the beginning of the next, I would scout the bookstores during “peak” book season (you know…the first day of class after everyone has gotten a syllabus and needs to get the books). I would go to the aisle of the book that I wanted to sell and find someone eye-balling that book. Having the book in my bookbag outside the store (we were required to check them at the door), I would sell it to them and we’d both make off like bandits! For example: A chemistry book costs $80 used. However, after I used it and tried to sell it back to the store, they would only give me $25 for it and then resell it for $80 again. That’s how they make money. However, if I sell it to the person in the aisle for $50 or $60…we both win! Don’t be obvious of course, as I doubt the store would appreciate you doing this. =) It worked like a charm, as I typically then had a lot of money to put toward the books that I then needed to buy for my classes.

So there is my “brilliant” advice for starving college students.

*By the way…that calculus book took me through 5 calculus classes, so it was really a bargain in the end.

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Prayers Needed for Local Catastrophe

If you've seen any news on TV or online today, you've most likely heard about the explosion at a sugar refinery in Georgia. That happened about 3 miles from my home. You can find the updated (as of right now) story here. I personally do not know anyone affected, but please keep in your prayers those who are injured (some 30 are critical and 20 are in burn units with 3rd degree burns), the families of those who did not make it, the rescue workers as they continue (more than 24 hours later) to recover bodies and put out fires that are still blazing up, medical staff treating the victims and their families, and the management of the business for the wisdom to decide what to do next. God bless them all.

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