Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some Personal Finance Stuff

Middle of the month and I'm excited at home this month is panning out so far. I'm hoping that I don't blow it at the end!

Chip bought Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover (and workbook) for me for Valentine's Day. You may think that is totally un-romantic or even a slap in the face, but my man knows what I like...and right now this gift is right up my alley. As I've been discussing on this blog recently we are determined to get out of debt. And with some information that I've acquired recently, it can happen much sooner than I could have hoped if this current job opportunity that Chip is pursing works out. I'm so very excited! I will update more on this when we are certain that he is officially employed. =)

Just today I was looking into our net worth and GUESS WHAT?! We have increased our net worth by $8931.37 since October 14, 2009...and that is all within the window of Chip's unemployment. I'm excited to see what we can do once we have another paycheck coming in!

We completed our taxes last night, and we'll be able to make a huge dent in our debt with our refund. I know some people will likely fuss at me for getting such a large refund, but we didn't know how to adjust for this year with the stimulus addition as well as the addition of another baby and her childcare. So we benefited greatly and now we can adjust better for 2010.

I will give more specific updates as they arise, but I wanted to share that we had some good stuff going on in the meantime. I am thinking of posting our actual debt amounts although I have hesitated to do that up until this point. I think it would make it easier to discuss once it is all out in the open and encourage me to get rid of it, as I have to look at it when I get here each day. We'll see.

What about you...any headway made on your finances lately?

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