Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our Financial Status - Update #14 - November 2010

It has been an interesting month to say the least. That's why there are a lot of comments at the end.

For those of you who don't care to read this, I understand. You can leave and come back tomorrow. However, I need to do it for accountability and to maybe let someone else see that they aren't alone in their financial ups and downs.

We were $827.00 under budget for income. Because Chip lost his job suddenly. We're battening down the hatches though and hopefully can make this work. It will be a challenge though since Christmas is here. We did get $11 unexpectedly from the sale of a book on Amazon though (silver lining?).


Auto Service/Parts: $30 under budget. We didn't spend anything this month. After last month's huge expenditure, I reset this budget, knowing I would never catch up and we could just consider it done. However, the check engine light just came on in my car yesterday, so I'm hoping that isn't the promise of more repairs to come.
Power Bill/Water Bill: $35 under budget for the month. We're still $361 over budget in the rolling budget, but I'm going to hold out and see how this settles out to see if we need to budget more for it to all level out in the end.
Groceries: $6 under budget. Not bad. Since we didn't pay for Thanksgiving food (but paid for gasoline instead), this is not too shocking for November.
Home Services: $5 under budget. This will roll into next month for e-mealz until that service renews.
Baby Supplies: Spent $25 this month, but with the rolling budget, I still have $169 more dollars to spend in this area. Doing good.
Hair care: None spent this month or last, giving me $48 under budget. This would usually be my cue to get my hair cut, but now that we're squeezed a bit financially, this will wait.
Clothing: Spent $5 under budget for the month, but since this budget rolls too, it puts us at $33 under the rolling budget.
Make-up/Toiletries: Nothing spent this month, so $5 under budget. However, the rolling budget is still $14 over, so I can hopefully just wait this one out until the dust settles.
Mortgage/Timeshare/HOA: $233 under budget. Our HOA fees did not clear until December 1st, so this will roll into next month and clear so it all balances out in the end.

Television: As usual. This may have to go if things get tight.
Auto Insurance: No surprise here. Although we are taking steps to save $5 a month, so we will be able to lower this budget. It's not much, but there's no reason to be spending the $5, so we'll use that extra $60 a year for something else!
Term Life Insurance: Really no surprises here.
Mobile Phone: Done.
Alarm Monitoring: Same old, same old.

$87 over budget. Actually, I'm not that upset by this one. We traveled to Nashville for Thanksgiving and this is where the extra money went. All in all, not bad for the month considering the drive that was.
Eating Out: $40 over budget. This would have been under budget a good bit except for the $70+ we spent eating out on the road to Nashville.
Doctor: $25 under budget. AKA--no visits to the doctor this month.
Pharmacy: $5 under budget. AKA --no visits to the pharmacy this month.
Home Supplies: $5 over budget to replace a broken broom.
Childcare: $50 over budget. This month had some extra "after school" payments for the days that the was closed but he had to go anyway (Veterans day, etc). An update on this budget to come in the comments.
Coffee Shops/Gas Station Snacks: $6 over budget because we don't budget for this.
Dog Costs: $195. The dog needed her shots and our dog sitter from Labor Day cashed her $40 check.
Eyecare: Chip had to order contacts because one from the trial pair he got a year ago finally went missing. $128


  • We sent about $400 more than the minimums to the credit cards this month due to the cost of the car repairs last month. That was before the job loss. Next month we'll just stick to the minimums to hopefully hold out. Then we'll be back on top of things when Chip is again employed.
  • We spent $90 making shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. It wasn't in the budget, but I cannot complain about this one.
  • Spent $13 on Christmas gifts.
  • Spent $15 on the kids to go to a inside playground area while we were in Nashville and they were getting cabin fever.
  • We had to pull $350 out of the emergency fund to make the bills work at the end of the month since we were shorted one expected check due to job loss. Since December has three paydays for me, this will be replenished immediately.
  • We had to put about $200 on the credit card during on trip to Nashville to cover the expenses of the trip. I've considered immediately paying this off with the extra check in December, but I think I'm just going to put the extra check into savings and wait until Chip is employed again to pay off the extra amount. I know that means slightly more interest acquired, but we can eat, you know.
  • Chip is going (today) to apply for unemployment. Although he doesn't qualify based on the paperwork he has regarding his release, he is going to challenge it since it really was without cause (they had no evidence that anything really happened...he is just a liability to them they think). Let's hope for the best here!
  • I have luckily already been challenging myself to have the least expensive Christmas as possible. I hope to keep it up. So far, only $28.74 out of pocket and 14 items (plus a few stocking stuffers) purchased. Woo hoo!
  • I have changed my 401k withholdings at work from 8% down to 1% while we are on one income. I would have gone down to 0%, but a lot of paperwork would have been required to "re-enroll" so I'll just hold it there. That's chunk of money that we're missing in our retirement (pretaxed) and a 50% match, but tough times call for tough measures, right?
  • I am a bit bummed. I had really wanted to throw the entire "extra" December paycheck at debt and knock out a chunk of it. But, instead of doing that, God is using it to provide during a time when we didn't plan on being down to a one-income family. He is so good and for that, I am thankful.
Change in Networth from October 14, 2009: + $34,990.18
Debt Paid off Since October 14, 2009: $19,887.14


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