Monday, October 10, 2011

Our Financial Status - Update #20 - September 2011

Well holy cow! I mean seriously, where have these updates been?  The last one was in April of this year and a lot has happened (and has NOT happened) so this will be a strange update with some bits and pieces updated.

Let's start by looking at the regular monthly expenses. I'm going to warn you's pretty ugly.  We had an extra paycheck this month (three paycheck month for me) but some other items fell through (Chip didn't get paid the $400 he was promised for a wedding he played).  With the extra money, we paid off some bills and used some to fund a bigger than usual birthday party for Patrick. The rest went to pay off some credit card debt.

Also since my last update?  The stock market has done some severe dipping and took my 401k with it. So although it didn't affect my monthly spending/budget, it did affect my net worth. Boo, hiss.  Oh well....

Right on target for the month.  Since the last update Chip has not been through OCS with the Army (long story) but plans to go next summer. So we did not get the bonus we were hoping for this year and he does not yet have regular income except for the monthly drill pay.  I have gotten a small cost of living raise, which I will take any day. =)

Pharmacy: $3 under budget.  Not bad since I only allot $5/month for this area. =)
Mortgage/HOA: This was actually $283 under budget. Why?  We refinanced our timeshare this month and didn't have to pay this month. This budget needs to change to allow for the new higher payment (for lower interest rate and quicker payoff) for next month.
Baby Supplies: $20 under budget for the month.
Childcare: $40 under budget for the month.
Hair: $25 under budget for the month.

Auto Insurance: No surprises here. We're still saving over $500 annually because have officially deemed our cars not worth full coverage due to age and mileage.
Mobile Phone: No surprises, but the bill is $15 cheaper a month than it used to be due to getting a military discount. Woo hoo!
Term Life Insurance: Steadily plugging away at protecting the family.
Alarm Monitoring: Regular charge.

Car Parts/Repairs: Had some major issues with Chip's car, so we're $554 over budget for this month. That's the price you pay when you have an 18 year old car. Also my car had an issue that had to be fixed as well. Hooray. But that's why we have an emergency fund.
Electricity/Water: $120 over budget. That's the price you pay for living in the South during the summer. The overage should iron itself out during the fall and the rolling budget should even out. That's the plan at least.
Gasoline: $229 over budget. Ouch.  We did travel to see my mom who lives over 6 ours away. And Chip has been traveling for drill as well as for some trumpet rehearsals with a church orchestra he sometimes plays with.
Groceries/Eating Out: $557 over budget. What happened, you might wonder?! I's ridiculous. Some of it was eating out (for two different birthdays). Some of it was groceries for Patrick's birthday party. Some of it was poor planning.  All the way around...bad, bad month!
Doctor: $110 over budget.  This was a bill I received from some health issues and their resulting tests that were done in June. When our "extra" paycheck came during the month of September, this was paid off.  No more doctor's bills. So although it wasn't part of the regular budget, I don't mind since it's a debt elimination. =)
Pest Control: $165 over budget because we had our annual termite inspection.  I really don't count this as over budget since we knew it was coming and our "extra" September paycheck covered it nicely, but it is out of the norm, so I'm counting it.
Home Supplies: $3 over budget. Negligible. Cleaning products.
Toiletries: $23 over budget for the month. No big deal - these will roll out with our rolling budget soon enough. Everything just hit at once, it seems.
Clothing: $57 over budget. Great sales to get some nice clothes for the kids for this winter.  This will get swallowed in the rolling budget over the next couple of months, so I'm not too worried about it.

  • Spent $86 on Halloween costumes for the whole family. That's pretty unusual for us to spend much of anything, but we're going to be awesome for Halloween. =)
  • $86 for auto tag renewal.  This is $40 less than expected because Chip got a huge discount for getting a National Guard tag (only had to pay ad valorem tax and got the tag free).
  • Spent $400 on Patrick's birthday party.  I know...that's a bit extreme. But it was his biggest ever and we probably won't have another like it for a long, long time. It was awesome though and I'll be sharing pictures soon.
  • $25 went to the charity for a good friend.
  • We had one wedding gift and one birthday gift to buy this month.
  • The awesomeness:  Paid more than $635 over what I usually send to credit cards this month!  YIPPEE!
  • As noted earlier, we took out a Lending Club loan for our timeshare.  We're going to have higher payments but will pay it off FAR sooner and save a LOT of money doing it!  Read more about that here.
Debt Paid off Since October 14, 2009: $22,060.92

Change in Networth from October 14, 2009: + $39,603.99

Next month we'll get back into the regular posting of this so it's not so chaotic!

How did you do this month?

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