Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Financial Status - Update #21 - October 2011

If you don't love to read this bland update, I understand. It's how I keep myself accountable (knowing it will be posted publicly even if no one reads it!).  If you don't want to read, just enter some giveaways (listed in right sidebar) and come back tomorrow for a real post.

So this month we made just a little headway on our debt and a couple of costly purchases. Let's take a closer look:

Our income was right on target.

Pharmacy: $5 under budget. Since I only have a $5 budget, this works out well. =)
Home Supplies: $0 spent in this category this month as well. Hooray!
Childcare: $40 under budget for the month because of some awesome friends who watched the kids while we went out for our anniversary! Love them!
Hair: $25 under budget.  I'm actually WAY under the rolling budget because these days I'm cutting Patrick's hair, Chip is buzzing his own for the Army and I haven't had a haircut in far too long. I'm hoping to get it cut this month though, so it will be over my $25 monthly budget but certainly not eat up the $131 rolling budget I have built up here.  Looks like it's time to lower this budget!
Auto Insurance: No surprises here.
Television: As usual.
Doctor: Patrick went for his annual check up and was perfectly healthy. Hooray!  Since I get reimbursed for this visit, this will soon go away making the rolling budget more friendly.
Term Life Insurance: Done
Alarm Monitoring/Pest Control: Regular charges here.
Mortgage/HOA/Timeshare: On course. This budget went up a bit thanks to a larger payment on our new loan for our timeshare (that's seriously not a complaint - read here for why).
Toiletries: On budget for the month.

Gas/Fuel: $89 over budget. This actually isn't that bad. Gas prices just won't seem to come down but I was hoping we'd be okay. Obviously not. I might have to adjust our overall budget to raise this one a bit.
Auto Parts/Services: $145 over budget.  I needed a new windshield.  While trying to kill a mosquito in side the car on my windshield, with my fist, it seems that the mosquito was perched directly on a chip in the windshield. Results was me appearing to be She-Ra as I shattered my own windshield with my fist. Found a great deal on the part and installation though by a great company.
Mobile Phone: $6 over budget This is usually in that no-brainer "on budget" category but we got a $6 surprise charge this month.  It seems that Abigail purchased some ringtones while playing with Chip's phone.
Electricity/Water: $180 over budget.  The good news is, we were only $50 over budget for the month. And then I paid next month's bill early, so next month will be way under budget and eat most of this $180 overage. So the rolling budget should look good in about 2 months.
Groceries: $196 over budget. WHAT?!  I know. See, I don't coupon like I used to and this is a huge indication that I NEED to get back into it. Imagine what I could have done with that $300 if we had not wasted it by being careless with our food money.
Eating Out: $100 over budget. This actually is not bad at all considering that we spend $150 on an annversary dinner cruise and drinks.  We would have otherwise been under budget. And since it was our 10th anniversary, I really don't feel too bad about this overage.
Baby Supplies: $42 over my monthly budget, but since the rolling budget is underway in this category, I had more than enough to cover the overage. Hopefully after the beginning of the year, we will be done with diapers and can cross this one entirely off the list! Hooray for saving $20!
Clothing: $80 over my monthly budget. I found some great sales on a winter jacket for Patrick as well as some clothes for Abigail for next summer and spring. This will roll off since I rarely spend money on clothes.  I do have to buy Patrick a couple more things for the winter, but that should be it for several months.

  • Sent over $360 more than usual to credit cards to pay them off. Every bit helps.
  • Spent just over $100 on county fair and Halloween carnivals as well as $15 on tickets for Patrick's school's fall festival.  The $15 will count as a donation with the $100 as well spent family time invested in memories for our children. Healthy small doses of this spending is fine with me.
  • $130 spent on Christmas gifts that take care of some in-laws as well as the kids' stockings. Love getting ahead and getting deals.
  • Had to spend $52 on a new cell phone for Chip. Either he or Abigail lost his old one and after 2 weeks of looking for it, we bit the bullet and bought one off eBay. I didn't put this in our "Mobile phone" category up top because it is a serious anomoly that won't roll out of the budget, but I am noting it here.
  • Spent $20 on birthday gifts this month.
Debt Paid off Since September 2011: $573.20
Debt Paid off Since October 14, 2009: $22,634.12
Change in Networth from September 2011: + $4023.22 (hooray for gains in retirement plans)
Change in Networth from October 14, 2009: + $43627.21

How'd you do this month?


  1. Glad you had no additional health expenses with your She-Ra moment.

  2. LOL Joanna - I hadn't thought of that, but you're right! =)



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