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Our Financial Status - Update #23 - December 2011

For those of you who want to see where we fared the last month of 2011 on our budget, here is your long-awaited post (I know I just heard thousands of sighs of happiness just now, didn't I?).  For those of you who don't care, come back tomorrow for the Free for All post. =)

We were one full paycheck of mine over budget this month because of the "extra paycheck" week in December.  It's a good thing too because with Christmas spending and travel, we needed it.

Car Service/Parts: No spending this month, but we're still $85 over budget on the amount rolling month to month.  Hopefully this will work itself out in a couple of months pending no other repairs are needed.
Electricity/Water: $42 under!  This is where our energy rolling budget works itself out.  In the summer and winter our bills go up.  In the fall (early winter) and spring, they go way down. Such is the life in the deep south. It's months like this one where the overage on the budget rolls out and it balances out for me to know that our average monthly budgeted amount is just about right. Hooray!
Groceries: $46 under budget.  This is actually a surprise. A very pleasant one since our eating out budget was awful.  I expected this one to be higher because although we did eat outside the home more than usual (see that explanation under the Eating Out over budget item below), I gave food items for Christmas gifts to a lot of friends and took some for extended family to enjoy as well.  I figured with all of the baking that this would be over as well.  Nice!
Home Supplies: No purchases this month so I will bank that $5/month that I use in this category.
Baby Supplies: No spending this month. I can't wait until Abigail will agree to potty train and I can eliminate this category all together!
Childcare: No spending this month.
Make Up/Toiletries: No spending this month, but I'll need to soon!
Clothing: No spending this month, but I'm still $90 over budget on  my rolling budget - AND Patrick needs some more long sleeve uniform shirts for school.  Looks like I'm not working my way out of this one yet.
Auto Insurance: No surprises here.

Television: As usual.
Term Life Insurance: Done
Mobile Phone: Nothing new here.
Alarm Monitoring/Pest Control: Regular charges here.
Mortgage/HOA/Timeshare: On course.

Gasoline: $175 over budget.  I hate it, but it's no big surprise.  We did holiday travel to my mom's house in Alabama, which is about a 6 hour drive.
Eating Out: $280 over budget.  I'm not surprised.  We dined out right before we left for travel to avoid buying more groceries before being gone for 5 days.  Then we ate while traveling. Then we ate out right after we got home because we had not grocery shopped before leaving for the holidays.  Time to batten down the hatches now and hopefully seriously get a hold of this spending this year.
Doctor: $25 under for the month and now $55 under on the rolling budget. Hopefully this is building up a small reserve in this category so that when we do get sick (it's inevitable, isn't it?), we can cover it in our finances.
Pharmacy: $9 over budget for some OTC items that I could under pharmacy rather than grocery. No biggie.
Hair Care: I was $80 over budget this month for a long needed hair cut and some color as a treat. The cool thing that doesn't make this so bad?  Because I had waited so long for a hair cut, Chip is now buzzing his own head for the military and I'm now cutting Patrick's hair, I still have more than $100 banked for next month in this category, which I won't need.  Looks like it is time to re-evaluate this category!
  • Sent only $194 to credit cards above the minimums.  That makes me nauseous, but at least it's something!
  • Spent $40 on Christmas cards, which is an awesome deal because they were beautiful photo cards and there were 80 of them. =)
  • Spent a total of $599 on Christmas this year ($460 in December), which is awesome because I had budgeted $800.
Debt Paid off Since November 2011: -$204.99  - yep...we acquired debt this month. Boo.
Debt Paid off Since October 14, 2009: $23,084.20
Change in Networth from November 2011: -362.46 (more debt plus no good in stock market - boo!)
Change in Networth from October 14, 2009: + $43,249.42


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