Monday, June 4, 2012

25 Great Father's Day Items from Etsy

Everyone loved my post about great Graduation gifts from etsy and since I love etsy and etsians, I thought I would repeat the post for Father's Day items!

Here are my picks of some great items handmade and homemade for that special dad in your life:

Mahogany  Spice Shaving Soap - and other great scents - from Wicked Soaps

S'mores Cookie in a Jar - lots of other great flavors here! - from Tookies

Delicious-looking caramel pecan tarts - from Fusion Sweets

Barcode t-shirt - other fun gifts here - from BarcodeArt

Manly collection of wall art - on sale! - from Racetay

Gourmet Chocolate gift basket - who wouldn't love?! - from Nicole's Treats

Manly soap set - from the awesome Rocky Top Soap Shop

Gourmet Rubs set - lots of great choices here! - from Purpose Design

Jedi Knight robe - cause you never know when it might come in handy! - from 219eileen

Periodic Table Cufflinks - such a fun shop! - from Shop Gibberish

Set of 3 Ninjas - my hubby would love - from Lilley

Upcycled Beer Bottle Glasses - so many choices! - from bottlehood

Imperial Star Wars Cufflinks - for the geek but many non-geek offerings here- from Crimson King

Handstamped brass whistle - from my awesome friend at JoyBelle Jewelry

Guinness Chocolate Cookies or other delicious flavors - from Old Time Favorites

Steampunk Pendant Necklace - from Pink80sGirl

Gears Belt Buckle or a number of other great selections - from Flight Path Designs

Gorgeous black and white shaving kit - from The Beaver Wood Wright

An awesome bow tie - from Can Do Stitching

Beautiful rustic lunch box - from Rosemary Jordans

Vintage wood clock - so manly - from Beca Runs

Masculine Leather Pouch - from Shovava Leather

Vintage railroad lantern - from Hoof and Antler

Moleskin notebook - trio - from Big and Mighty

Four Pack Carrier - from Frick and Frack Scraps
What would you feature?  Share with us your etsy favorites!

As a side note, none of the shops I  mentioned have not sponsored this post in any way - I just like their stuff.  =)


  1. what a great post! thank you so much for including my clock! :)

  2. You're very welcome, Beca.