Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our Financial Status #28 - May 2012

Once again we're to that point in the month where I tell you how we've done for the month.  This is a lot of information and most of you won't want to read it all. Totally understandable. But this is how I try to keep myself accountable and keep transparency for the sake of my blog.  So here we go!

This month was one of those "extra paycheck" months for our household, so that is always good. Chip also had some extra National Guard pay because he was on order for a few extra days during the month.

Electricity/Water: $24 under for the month and that puts us $35 under for the year, which is a buffer I'm trying to build up before summer gets here and the south Georgia heat really hits.
Groceries: $57 under budget. This sounds great until you scroll down and see our eating out performance (which shouldn't shock you by now, but continues to embarrass me).  At least they aren't both over budget like they usually are (silver lining?).
Doctor: No spending this month. Abigail will get a check up at the end of June or beginning of July but hopefully that's the only medical spending in our near future.
Pharmacy: Similarly, non pharmacy spending this month either. 

Tithe: There is no question here. Any offerings above our tithe will not be noted because I'm not about bragging. But I do want you to know that we are giving 10% of our net income to our local church, as I feel it is important that you know that this is top priority to us.
Mortgage/HOA/Timeshare: Nailed the new budget. What's beautiful? This budget is down $680/month from where it was 3 years ago thanks to refinancing and lower HOA fees.  Hooray!
Auto Insurance: This actually went up a dollar a month because I got a speeding ticket a couple of months ago. Boo, hiss on me.
Television: As usual.
Term Life Insurance: Done
Mobile Phone: Nothing new here.
Alarm Monitoring/Pest Control: Regular charges here.

Gasoline: $240 over budget. Ouch. Along with Chip's extra orders came extra miles on the vehicle. Oh well.  It also didn't help that both cars got gas on May 1st and then again on the last day of the month. Great planning!
Auto Service/Parts: $9 over budget for the month but still over $200 over budget for the year. Got to maintain low usage of this account in the next few month to try to catch back up on this one.
Eating Out: $314 over budget. This is truly my Achilles heal.  I think while Chip is gone during the month of July I'm going to try a "no eat out" month and see how we fair.  Not that he is the problem (it's more me), but I think it will be easier to maintain with fewer people to work around. 
Childcare: $25 over budget. This was the registration for Patrick to go to the YMCA summer camp this July while Chip is away. I'm going to have to up July's budget for Childcare but it will come out of the paychecks he will be receiving while on orders.
Clothing: $200 over budget.  I wrote about my new weakness with buying little girl clothes a few weeks ago. I'm going to reign this in.

  • Sent an extra $740 to credit cards this month (over the minimums).
  • The full effect of our refinance can now be seen in our debt payoff amount below.
  • A baby shower, a graduation gift and a birthday present for a neighbor had me spending an extra $80 this month (but not bad for those three events).
  • Spent $25 on Abigail's upcoming birthday party.  That spending will increase this month with her party at the end of the month.  
  • My 401k did horribly this month so although we made headway with debt repayment, our net worth did not increase as quickly. Boo, hiss. 

Debt Paid off Since April 2012: $3272.87
Debt Paid off Since October 14, 2009: $21,004.19
Change in Networth from April 2012: $1331.82
Change in Networth from October 14, 2009: $43,737.18


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