Friday, July 27, 2012

Great Price on School Uniforms If You're Looking

I am coming out of my self-imposed blogging sabbatical because I had to share this one with you:

I just did a little unplanned internet shopping, but totally for a good reason:

I have been searching and searching and searching for a local business that sells school uniforms in toddler sizes. Our Abigail, who barely fills up a 3T, will be starting preschool at Patrick's Montessori school this fall and she is required to wear the same uniforms the big kids do.  Problem? Most schools here don't have a preschool program, so most consignment shops (where I do most of my school uniform shopping) don't have any 3T clothes on their racks. I've looked.  At 5 consignment stores.  Came up with one skort that was on the regular rack of clothes, but it is navy without any logos, so it will work.

I asked on our school Facebook group page if anyone had any girl 3T uniforms they wanted to part with, as I would be interested in buying. No bites.

So I prepared myself to buy new clothes for this child...this child who only wears new clothes if her Nana (or someone other than me) buys them.

This morning I got one of my usual sale emails from Children's Place. I like their clothes so I receive the emails. I usually just delete them though because I usually don't have the need to buy any clothes. But this was bragging on an "additional" 30% off.  So I clicked.

Seems that there is a coupon code (P7H2012) that saves you 30% off your order if you spend $60 or more (you can also use Q7H2012 for 20% if you order $50+ or R7H2012 for 15% all other orders).

So I clicked over. They had uniforms (slightly) marked down anyway, making them lower than usual, but not lower than I could find them elsewhere. But then...that extra 30% off?  That's big.

So I loaded up my "cart" online with long and short length items for Abigail and two long-sleeve gray polos for Patrick (gray and long sleeve are both hard to find, so this is good) and added the coupon code. Then I took into account that shipping for orders over $75 is free (all others is $5).

After I saw my total, I compared it with two other online retailers, just to make sure I was really getting a good deal, and BANG - super good deal compared with other sites.

For $108.54 (shipped and with taxes), I got 15 items and I think save a couple more shirts for her for winter - we might just have her entire school wardrobe taken care of (plus two more shirts for Patrick, which he actually needed).

As a bonus, I went through ShopAtHome and was pleasantly surprised to see that they are giving 9% cash back for Children's Place right now.  So really I paid less than $100.


Those coupon codes are good only through 7/29 so use them if you need them while they are available!

By the way...I don't get any type of commission or benefit from telling you about the sale or coupon. Although you and I will both get $5 if you click my ShopAtHome link. I just saved a lot of money on something we actually needed and hoped you could do the same. =)

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