Back to School Blowout 2011!

Back to School is a big deal. A really big deal.

I am learning this more and more and Patrick gets older. He is starting kindergarten this year and I am quickly learning that this is a much bigger deal than Pre-K was!

So in honor of our little guy's first year of "real" school, I am hosting a mega Back to School Blowout giveaway extravaganza.

I thought it would be cool and fun to offer prizes that both help in making going back to school easier for the kids, on the wallet, and for the parents.

The extravaganza begins Monday, August 1st with several giveaways going live that day.  Each giveaway will be open exactly one week, through the following Sunday night, with a new set of giveaways starting the following Monday. The last giveaways will conclude on Sunday, August 28th, which is when we can all breath a sigh of relief from this whirlwind!

Here is a list of particpating companies/artists/writers so far (in order of appearance):

ALEX Toys: 08/01/11
a Little Card: 08/01/11
RebeccaHeartsNY: 08/01/11
101 Offline Activities: 08/01/11
Stuff It: 08/01/11
Knock Knock: 08/08/11
The Little Faerie: 08/08/11
Art by Ana: 08/08/11
ReUse It: 08/08/11
Saline Soothers: 08/08/11
Happikins: 08/08/11
Giant Microbes: 08/15/11
Trinkets by Dana: 08/15/11
Amy Adele: 08/15/11 - review only
Bargain Babe: 08/15/11
Go Contigo: 08/15/11
Crayon Rocks: 08/15/11
Raise stain remover: 08/22/11
World of Whimsy: 08/22/11
Purely Products: 08/22/11
Whitties Knitties: 08/22/11
Naked Binder: 08/22/11
Malibu Quilts: 08/29/11 - review only

Back to School Blowout 2011!

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