I'm Dreaming...of More Giveaways!

We're doing another series of giveaways!!!

The Back to School Blowout was such a success that I've decided to do another series in November so that you can get all of your winnings before Christmas!

I loved introducing you to new businesses and products and getting to try some of them out for myself. And I appreciate the growth that happened with my blog during that time. You see, this blog grew by approximately 600 followers.

You know what that means?

That means that this blog is looked at by larger companies for giveaways. I love small businesses and will continue to feature as many as I can. However, they often cannot afford to do giveaways. Larger companies want bigger audiences and this is what your following me has done...afforded us all more opportunities for giveaways! HOORAY!

These are the companies participating in order of appearance:

Chunky Bling - Congrats to Karen!
Curious Chef - Congrats to rubynreba!
Glee Gum - Congrats to Tracey!
Ecover - Congrats to tanya904!
Overall Beauty - Congrats to michtuck!
Crazy Dog Tshirts - Congrats to Tess Fishburn!
Blushing Dove Boutique - Congrats to Penny W!
Vitalicious - Congrats to brenda!
Boogie Wipes - Congrats to Emilie Rose!
JumbieLand - Congrats to 22bmommy2!
Lil Doodlers - Congrats to Amber L!
Floaty Toes Dry Goods - Congrats to Dia!
Nordic Ware - Congrats to Hifam!
Time Timer - Congrats to Giant Sis!
Paradise Purls - Congrats to Have A Sweet Day!
A Summer Afternoon - Congrats to Tara!
Eclipse Spa - Congrats to Erin E!
My Baby Clothes Boutique - Congrast to Lyudmila!
What On Earth - Congrats to Penny W!
Dali Decals - Congrats to Mommy Minded!
Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies - Congratulations to 5webs!
Charm Factory - Congratulations to The Unsell Family!
Que Interesante - Congratulations to Chip!
The Cutting Etch - Congratulations to pmj!
ReUsies - Congratulations to Annette!
Yoga Toes - Congratulations to  M!
Nevita - Congratulations to Diane52!
Poppin' Dots Boutique - Congratulations to Emillie Rose!
Oliver's Labels - Congratulations to Hifam!
Simple Serendipity - Congratulations to Rich and Mallory!
ABC Neckties - Congratulations to Penny W!
Nacho Mama Tees - Congratulations to Sabrina!
Geek Chic Cosmetics - Congratulations to Anonymous!
The Cream Perfume Company - Congratulations to esluka and Julie!
Ambernee Crochet - Congratulations to Kaydence.!

Wait, what? Did you count those? Those are 35 companies who will offer giveaways HERE during the month of November. We are going to feature and giveaway some of their most awesome products to help you snag some great stocking stuffers and some gifts as well!

Button photo credit: Nossirom (isn't it beautiful?)

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