PR Policy

Hi there!  If you are looking to promote your products, blog or services via my blog, please read through this page before contacting me.

I am a 31 year old Christian, wife, mother, engineer, musician, geek, friend, and southerner. I currently live in Savannah, GA with my husband (Chip) of 9 years and our two children, Patrick (age 5) and Abigail (age 2). I am practical, organized (or used to be!), and love to pretend I am a homemaker although I rarely have time to do all I'd like to do for our home. I work full time as an Engineering Manager for a manufacturing company. I like to play with the kids, read, soak in a bubble bath, spend time with the hubby, go out to eat, and cuddle up under a blanket.  We are currently on a road to financial freedom, working to get out from a load of debt. We follow Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover methods and are fighting against our own weaknesses in the struggle to pay off our stupidity from the past. Our kids are naturally the most brilliant children on earth and I love to watch them play together and grow and develop.

The above people are the ones who will be sampling your products for a review. I will do all of the writing.

I am a PR friendly blog for companies that share common themes and beliefs. These are just some of the items I have reviewed and/or am willing to review on Mrs Nespy's World:
  1. Financial Products: Let me be a bit specific here. I hate debt. I hate credit cards. I am fighting to get out of debt now. I will promote tools, websites, blogs, service, etc that encourage healthy money management and responsible actions pertaining to personal finance. I will not promote credit cards, debt consolidation, or any type of loans that will only increase one's debt. Don't even ask. I will not respond kindly.
  2. Books:  These can be fiction or nonfiction, children's, or pretty much any genre that I could review on a family friendly blog. In our household, we ALL love books (even the tiny girl), so this is a great fit for us.
  3. Children's Toys/Games: I have a 5-year old son and a daughter who is a toddler. So I've got the preschool and below categories covered for both genders. I prefer educational toys that are not based on TV characters, but can make exceptions for some characters who I feel offer good messages or harmless entertainment.
  4. Other Games: All of us but the toddler are in love with board games, card games, puzzles, and the like. I am sure our daughter will too as she gets older. We love spending time as a family playing games and would love to feature a game for you.
  5. Children's Clothing/Accessories: With two small children, I know the importance of quality products at reasonable prices.  I also strongly prefer supporting small businesses and artists when feasible.  I love custom-made and one-of-a-kind items made with love and hard work.
  6. Food Items: I will gladly review food items that work with our families routines and palettes.
  7. Beauty/Pampering Products:  I love a good pampering and am always willing to promote new and innovative products to made you feel good.
  8. Green Companies/Products:  I fully support products and companies that make life a bit easier while promoting responsibility with our surroundings.
  9. Jewelry: Although I don't get to be as girly as I would sometimes like, I do like to put on some lovelies from time to time and jewelry is a weakness.
  10. Geekery: I am a geek at heart. I don't often get a chance to express my geekery in all its glory, but it's truly part of who I am.
  11. Anything to promote my current home, Savannah, GA: Seriously, I love hosting guests in our city. It has so many wonderful reasons to visit that I love to promote local businesses that make this city unique.
There might be others, but I think that covers a HUGE range of products! If you didn't see yourself listed anywhere above, contact me with an inquiry.

I have a disclosure policy that can be found here.  It basically says that I do accept gifts and products for review but they have no influence over my opinions stated on this blog. I am not into blogging for the money and don't accept cash as payment for reviews or posts on my blog. I do host a very few affiliates, but they are listed on the sidebar and are labeled under "I Recommed."

I do not want to be approached by random people asking if they can write something for my blog just for link exposure. I may sometimes feature other bloggers or guest posts, but it will not be a linky free for all--simply a post that fits into the theme of this blog. 

I do not want to be approached by people who want to share a post that is already published elsewhere. Not good for my blog or yours. Original content only, please.

Now, if you've made it this far and want me to feature something on my blog for your business, blog, or organization, please review these current stats:

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Facebook Fans: 1308 (updated 08/29/12)
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I require that sponsor ship the winnings directly to the winners and that shipping should be included as part of the winnings. Sorry, but those are the rules because no one wants to "win" something they still have to pay for.

Now. If you are still interested, feel free to contact me. I would love to chat with you!