Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I am sick of gas prices. Here the prices are around $3.10 per gallon. I don't know anyone who is not complaining about gas prices. It is not practical for me to ride a bike, as is the case with most people I know. Although we have discussed getting a hybrid, I really hate to have a car payment now that we have been without one for almost 2 years!

However, yesterday I was slapped in the face with a bit of perspective on the situation. At work, we have some technicians in house to set up some equipment from Germany. They, like the equipment, are also German. They informed us yesterday at lunch that gas in Germany is approximately 10 euros/liter which is about $7.00/liter. Since there are almost 4 liters in a gallon, that is about $26.53/gallon. Wow.


  1. you are right. My husband constantly reminds me of this when I complain. I usually come back with "well we don't live there so I am allowed to complain" But it is so true we need to be reminded of this to put it in perpective. Still sucks though. LOL

  2. Can you imagine paying $23 a gallon!! Our price right now is 2.97 agllon around down here depending upon where you go, but up in New Jersey their price is $2.69 a gallon!!

  3. I remember my husband telling me that when he was in England, he ended up having to fill up his Civic hatchback in London. The total was somewhere around $80. Since he's military, he had vouchers so he got some of the money back, but it's not hard to see why most people took public transportation almost everywhere.

    At least in Europe public transportation is an option for everyone, whereas here in the states it can be impractical.

  4. I think perhaps the German technicians were exaggerating more than a little bit. According to the following the price of gas in Germany is approx 1.368 Euros per litre.

    http://www.aaroadwatch.ie/eupetrolprices/default.asp (this site updated today)

    And below is a list of prices in US dollars for different countries. It lists the price of gas in Germany as $5.57


    That's still a lot of money to pay for gas, but nowhere near $26 per gallon.