Monday, September 22, 2008

Kids Birthdays?

I am currently working on putting together my son's birthday party (he'll be three next week!). Since he's a huge Thomas fan, we're going with a train theme (although not necessarily a Thomas theme). I've been searching all over the internet for tips/tricks/hints at having a low-cost birthday party for him, but I'm going to open the comment section for suggestions.

What's the best way to save $$ for child's birthday party?
What are some tips that you have used before to save $$?
Lunch or no lunch, that is the question...

Any ideas you can offer would be much appreciated. When all is said and done, I'll post an update on how we fared.
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  1. I've done quite a few cheap but cute birthday parties for my kids. I have to admit I get most of my ideas from searching google for kid's party ideas. And sometimes I put more work into it (time IS money as they say) than if I had just picked up decorations at the local party store. But it makes it a little more special when you personalize it for them (okay, so maybe that might go right over the head of most 3 year olds, lol;).

    Just a few ideas:
    1) Make your own treat bags - dollar store is my major source for this, but I admit they may not have train-related items. Or you may not have a decent dollar store around. Oriental trading(online) is also a good place to check. My last party I just did a cake-walk (which can be of any theme) and let the kids put something in their bag each time they landed on a designated spot. It was SO great, they must have walked around that circle a hundred times. It used up lots of time;)You could print different train cars from the internet to use for this.

    2)If you are so brave as to consider making your own cake (which sometimes isn't much cheaper) then their are oodles of ideas for those online too, ranging from way too much work(:) to quite simple. Coolest-birthday-cakes (online) has pics of cakes people have made.

    I have to admit that since I'm not a naturally creative person, I usually have to start my own preparations before I become truly inspired. Then it starts to be fun and the ideas pretty much start to fly. So I'm not a terribly big help to anyone else in this area.

    Oh yes, I was going to say that I always put out a table of snacks for the kids to eat before we start the games (again, it uses up the time;). But I stick to goldfish, pb&j sandwiches (which you could do in shapes) jello jigglers, ect. Easy food that doesn't make much of a mess, and cheap.

    Hopefully someone will stop by with better ideas than these, lol. Good luck on the preparations.

  2. I also use google A LOT when I am planning a birthday party. Have you checked out Oriental Trading? They have tons of fun stuff. My hubby makes really cute cakes, so we don't have to worry about that expense. Check out the Dollar Tree. I don't think they have much in the way of trains but maybe you could find party favors and other party items very cheaply. Sometimes Party City can have some really good sales, I had a small dinosaur party for my son in June and the next day I went to Party City and all of their dinosaur stuff was 75% off! So be sure and check that out if you have one local. And I don't know if you have come across this site yet but I use it a lot to find ideas for have to read a lot of entries but you can find some good stuff! Sorry I don't know how to link it correctly:
    P.S. I totally didn't read the comment above mine until just now...sorry for the repetition!