Monday, May 10, 2010

8 Pool Safety Rules for Kids/Parents

Since our neighborhood pool is opening this upcoming weekend, I thought I would run over a list of pool safety tips to remember for this upcoming heatwave.

  1. Learn CPR. I don’t want you to ever have to use it, but you should know how—just in case.
  2. Never allow children to swim alone, regardless of how good of a swimmer they are. Younger children MUST have an adult present. Do not allow a flotation device replace supervision. Older children should have a buddy who is also a good swimmer in order to be left alone. Actually WATCH the child and don’t get distracting by socializing.
  3. Never allow children to run around a pool.
  4. Be sure that the depth of the pool is appropriate for jumping/diving without causing injury.
  5. Teach children not to urinate in the pool. It’s disgusting and lots of health hazards can stem from this apathetic approach.
  6. Have a telephone around. If you receive a call from a friend or need to call 911, you don’t want to leave the poolside to do it.
  7. Use plenty of sunscreen and re-apply per the label directions to prevent burns.
  8. Don’t assume that if your child knows how to swim that they are drown-proof.

Now enjoy the summer fun!

Photo credit: Tom@HK

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