Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Confessions of THIS Working Mom

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There is often found some animosity between moms who stay at home with their children full time and others who work outside of the home. Each seems to think the other attacks them...and some actually do. Regardless of which side of the fence you (or your wife) sit on today, know that these confessions are my heartfelt feelings. They are not personal. They may not even be truth. But they are how I feel at this moment in my life.
  1. I always wanted a career. Growing up I probably wanted a career more than children. I excelled academically and felt this was my obvious path.
  2. I entered a male-dominated field because engineering is something that I'm good at. It makes sense to me. If I had to choose a career over again, I would choose this one again a hundred times over.
  3. I realized how much I wanted to have a child when I suspected I was pregnant and miscarrying due to some major trauma in my life. I was heartbroken over the loss of this possible child and knew then that I wanted to be a mom.
  4. Becoming a mom has changed my entire perspective on my life. It gave me new purpose. It gave me new focus. It gave me new goals.
  5. I am the breadwinner of our family. It is due to the fact that I chose a field that allows financial growth when promotions arise. Being pretty good at what I do, I have received promotions and that has allowed a growing paycheck.
  6. I care only about my career at this point in my life because it provides a livelihood for my family.
  7. I THINK I would love to stay at home with the children. I would love to interact with them more frequently on a daily basis. I dream of things I would do with them and ways I would teach them about the world we live in.
  8. I also know that I might not be that great of a stay at home mom. There are plenty of times that I feel I lose my patience too easily, and I would hate to impart that on my children so frequently.
  9. I wish I could give it a try just to see. And I could work on my patience and grow with my children.
  10. I probably will never get that wish.
  11. I hate thinking of all of the class trips I won't be able to chaperone.
  12. I hate all of the bake sales I will miss working because I'll be at work.
  13. I hate thinking of the before school and after school hours my children will have to endure because I have a career.
  14. I hate feeling like I am letting my children down because they will not truly have a "summer break" from school like I did.
  15. I think I would volunteer more often if I stayed at home with my children. It seems like I would be able to do more in the evenings or even once they were both in school that would benefit the greater good. Now my evenings are spent making sure I spend time with them so I am not completely absent from their lives.
  16. I get frustrated when I read about stay at home moms who complain that they have too much housework in addition to their mom duties. I feel like I have to also fill the role of mom in addition to the same amount of housework WHILE juggling a career.
  17. Then I feel guilty knowing that I haven't walked a mile in their shoes.
  18. But then I feel that way again when I read it from another.
  19. I get jealous that my son wants to spend more time with his dad because he's the fun one. I agree...he is the fun one. But I still get jealous.
  20. I love when I come home to two children who light up when I walk in the door. They often run over to hug me and say "Mom!" It also breaks my heart that they have had reason to miss me.

So. There it is laid on the table for all to see.

Like I is not to offend. It is simply how I feel. And I just felt like I needed to release it today.

Thanks for listening.

Is there anything you need to get off of your chest?


  1. Reading your list is actually really helpful to me. I'm currently a law student and God-willing that I have a family in the future, these are similar choices and considerations that I will run into later on. Thanks for sharing.

  2. @Jo--I'm glad to see that it might help someone. I love my job. I love my career. I love my family more. I don't know which I'm better at but I know the struggles that I face (sometimes) daily when my heart is tugged in different directions. It's a reality and a choice we all have to make. I'm sure that there are plenty of others with similar struggles...even from the other point of view of a SAHM.

    Best of luck!

  3. There's so much to be thankful of especially when you're a mom!

  4. @Rachel - Oh I agree! I hope I didn't give off the impression that I'm not very, VERY thankful for all of the blessing in my life...including both my kids and my job. It's just overwhelming sometimes, you know?

  5. 7-18: I'm there. All the way. Especially 16-18.

    Here is the one thing I can say is truly better as a working mom: paid sick days. I am very grateful to be able to spend the day at home alone resting instead of having to keep up with a toddler!

  6. Thanks, Ali. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one...especially with that 16-18 bit. =)

  7. Love the last one! That is the best moment when their happy smiles greet you!

    Love Ali's comment above... a day to yourself is a good thing!

    It's always a tug in one way or another.. i've missed work this whole week since my little one is sick :-(

  8. @Steph...I do miss parts of work while I am not there, but I usually convince myself of how much I'd rather be at home while I am there.

  9. thanks for sharing your heart. it is hard. and we always think it's greener on the other side. i always say i work for a reason, cuz i wouldn't be a good SAHM. i'm kidding, partially. i'm also the breadwinner so there's lots of responsibility. life seems to move a little too fast sometimes.