Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Family - Unplugged

So we had a wonderful three-day weekend. We went to a first-birthday party of a neighbor, spent time at the community pool, watched movies, grilled out, played outside, and colored inside, among other things.

What did we not do?

Well, since the internet went out sometime Friday evening for the entire community (and is still out), I haven't checked my personal email, my Facebook page, wasted time online or even blogged. In fact, the interent still isn't up as I write this on Tuesday afternoon from work (during my break, mind you).

Additionally, our TV went out on Sunday afternoon. The dish connection, this is. So we watched some DVDs that have been collecting dust on the shelf, rented a couple of new ones for $1 each (for when it was too hot to go outside), and enjoyed the silence.

Yesterday was the kids' first day at home with Chip (no more daycare until further notice). What did they do? They went to the library, played at the park, and enjoyed time together.

Lots of children's laughter has occurred and has been noticed more in the last few days because we haven't been filling our lives with other noise.

What would you do with a few days of diminished technology offerings?

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