Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pants Without Pockets - WHY?!

This will be a short rant.

I have been frustrated by this situation for a while now, but I am not feeling well today, so darn it - I'm going to complain about something.

Why, oh why, do they make pants without pockets? 

I have several pairs of work pants that have no pocket area (front or back) whatsoever and it drives me up the wall!

I know - some ladies carry purses to work, and frankly I do also carry one - TO work, but not around work.  I work in a manufacturing and warehouse environment and it's just not practical to carry my purse around with me all day.  What I do need though, is somewhere to stick my keys to the facility, a place to clip the radio that I have to wear, and somewhere to stick a dollar bill for when I need some caffeine in my life. 

On those days that I happen to choose pants without pockets are obviously the ones when I usually end up needing them the most.


Yeah - don't remind me to look for these things while I'm shopping because I never realize I don't have pockets until I need them.

Tell me something that frustrates you today. Let's all gripe together.


  1. Banks that place ridiculous holds on checks! Happened to me today. Told my hubs to deposit a check from Fidelity (not a personal check from someone) and he called and said they put a seven day hold on it. Really? Seven days? So frustrating!

    1. Totally agree! Luckily it hasn't happened to me in a long time, but I'm right there with you!