Monday, June 7, 2010

8 Best Frugal Summer Toys

So the kids are loose for the summer. How do you keep them entertained without spending a lot of money? Well, my childhood summers were full of fun and memories that cost little to nothing. Here are some great ways to invest more in the memories than in the toys:
  1. A bicycle. Seriously…great exercise, freedom, wind in the hair, and speed. What more could a kid want? Regardless of what this costs, it will have the life run out of it by the end of its functionality, making it a totally frugal choice.
  2. Balls—any kind. Beach balls, baseballs, footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, tennis balls, kick balls, any kind of ball will do!
  3. Garden hose. Hook it up to the sprinkler, water the plants, hook up a slip n slide, wash the car, just spray one another. Anything cool and wet in the summer is a winner!
  4. Sandbox toys. A bucket, pail, sand rake, and such are loads of fun for kids! Even if you don’t have a sandbox, you can use these in the dirt or in the water. My son loves to use these even when we are not at the beach!
  5. A tent. Although these aren’t inexpensive, they made the list because the are durable and can serve a greater function. What could be more fun for little ones than camping out? Let them use the back yard…or even the porch…to keep them close to home but allow them to have an adventure.
  6. A magnifying glass. Little ones love to explore the world around them and a magnifying glass allows them to do this in a way they never have before! Get close with nature and learn something about the world just outside your door.
  7. A kite. This might be more of a spring toy (at least in Georgia), but these can be purchased for literally $1.00 and can provide hours of family fun.
  8. Sidewalk chalk. Let your artist be inspired to create huge murals in the driveway or on your sidewalk with just a few dollars invested. They can even draw hopscotch boards leading to even more fun. Or for the young ones, they can practice writing their names.

Photo credit: GreenWhiteOrange

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