Monday, June 21, 2010

8 Reasons My Children Have the Best Dad

As a belated Father's Day tribute to Chip, I wanted to use the Monday 8s series to thank him for simply being incredible.

8 Reasons My Children Have the Best Dad
  1. He has NEVER been too "manly" to change a diaper, clean up spit up, dress the children, or basically do all of those "mom" things.
  2. He has no problem carrying a diaper bag--even Abigail's bright pink diaper bag that is monogrammed.
  3. He is an AWESOME playmate. For the kids. You know.
  4. He is the disciplinarian he swore he would never be because he loves his children.
  5. He gives and receives all of the kisses required to make our children feel loved.
  6. He celebrates the "small" the first steps, the first waves, the first solid foods.
  7. He works hard to provide for his family, but treasures his time with us more than the money he makes.
  8. Most importantly...he loves their Mom.

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