Wednesday, July 7, 2010

WFMW - Disclosure Policy

Recently (yeah...I really can't remember when) the FTC decided to really tighten the reigns on bloggers and their disclosure of what posts, links, and advertisements were endorsed and/or sponsored by the company being discussed. Suddenly there was a calling to start including a disclosure policy on each post.

Well, there are various bloggers that adhere to these guidelines in various ways, but I'll tell you how I am doing it.

I have been posting a caveat on each post that included any type of sponsorship (such as free items for review and/or giveaway). Today I set up my official disclosure policy that I can leave permanently linked on my blog and just reference that in each post.

If you ever receive any compensation for your blog (whether it be cash, credits, free items, etc) you need to be disclosing as well.

It's really simple. Go to and click on the Generate Policy tab or button. Pick the choices that best fit your blog's circumstances and make your own policy.

Easy. And it covers you.

And if you use blogger, just in case you don't already know, there is a simple way to make a permanent page now (like a Disclosure page or an About Me page). Go to your Dashboard and click the Posting Tab. Then select "Edit Pages." Create a new page and publish. Easily link to it now either manually or using one of the tools they offer.

So simple! You can find mine linked both in my middle column under my Additional Info section and at the bottom via a Disclosure button from .

So although the Works for Me Wednesday was themed this week, I broke out of the theme and posted about Disclosure Policies. Head on over to We Are THAT Family to see some favorite summer recipes (and other topics from those who also broke out on their own this week) that work for others!


  1. Thanks for sharing this tip! I've been doing more reviews and affiliate links lately, and been wondering about making a disclosure. This is perfect!

  2. Great, Erin! Glad it could help!