Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gaining Control - It's An Emotional Ride

I'm about to start a series called Gaining Control. It's about financial freedom. We're on that road. I would love if you could join us if you haven't already completed the trip successfully. If you have completed the trip, I would love for you to hang around and encourage the rest of us. We need it.

I just wanted to warn you before I started though...

Money is an emotional topic. It is emotional on many levels for all people. Some people are very defensive. Some are very greedy. Some are very giving. Some are in love with their money. But somehow, money brings out many, many emotions.

If you go through this exercise, whether you go through it alone or with a will be difficult. You might cry. You might get angry. You might feel cheated. You might feel disallusioned. You might feel betrayed. You might feel lonely.

Remember--what has been spent is gone. There is no going back now. There is just starting over. And if you have someone by your side starting over with you, you already have support--even if you feel they helped you get into that mess. Remember when you married them probably promised the "richer or poorer" bit. This will likely be the poorer. And you promised to stick it out, so I fully expect you to.

So don't throw blame. It doesn't matter anymore. What matters now is what will be done about it to move forward.

So go ahead and cry. But then wipe those tears away, pick yourself up, and let's get rolling. Every journey begins with one step, right?

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  1. I just want to say thank you for being so honest about this. Money has always been a struggle to me but not my husband. We are trying to get our life going by buying ahouse and remodeling it. So I have had some hard times NOT buying things I want and your blog helps me get real in my thinking. SO, thanks!

  2. Lee Ann--I am truly touched by your comment. It is comments like these that keep me blogging. I have come to a lot of stark realizations in our journey (and I'm sure they aren't over!) and I do hope to share those so that others know they aren't alone.

    I hope you get some more helpful info from this series as well as the rest of my blog. Don't worry--you can do this! Best of luck!