Sunday, January 23, 2011

Keeping Your Child Safe with My Precious Kid

Safety is a huge part of your life once you embark on the journey of parenthood. Things you never thought about before now wake you up in the night in a cold sweat (I haven't heard the baby make a noise, is he/she breathing?! Did I remember to close that bedroom window?!).

My Precious Kid is out to help you make your home and general parenting life a bit easier with a variety of products that they offer on their website. Here are just a few of the ones that we already have and use:

A camouflage id bracelet for Patrick. It gives us peace of mind knowing that he is wearing it and he can look cool and "masculine" at the same time.

These have been an absolute lifesaver for daycare and church needs. We don't have to worry with ink rubbing off of a piece of tape or the sticky residue that tape leaves behind. He bottles and cups have always been labeled and they are dishwasher safe!

This is a lifesaver if you have one interested in playing in the toilet. This model is a one-handed quick use item so when you really have to go you aren't wasting time trying to open your own toilet!

Okay, so this isn't a safety item, but it has brought much comfort and joy to our house, as each of our kids has their own.

So there you have it. My Precious Kid offers a variety of products to protect you from your own house and the outside world in ways that never occurred to you before having a child. Go check them out.

And stick around here, as you will be seeing them again soon!

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