Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Allow Your Daughter to Be a Super Hero - Review

Super heroes are a big deal these days. About 10 years ago Hollywood started bringing every comic book character of any major (or minor) importance to life on the big screen again, and they haven't ceased pounding us with image after image of super heroes.

I grew up with those same heroes and love them.

But you know as I do that most of them are all male.

There are a handful of strong super hero females, but none as powerful and iconic as Wonder Woman!

Our little firecracker princess is a strong personality, and I want her to revel in that and know that being strong (physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically) are traits that we hope she thrives for. Allowing her to "hero worship" a cartoon character at age 3 is one way to allow strong women into her life, even if they are fictional ones.

You can choose this same costume or any other from the girls' superhero costumes options at Costume Super Center or check out this Superhero article to read more about Superheroes' influence in our current entertainment options.

We were provided this adorable costume for review from Costume Super Center. The cutie inside the costume is our own, as are my opinions.

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