Thursday, March 21, 2013

Packing Tips for Disney World

I know you know how to pack a suitcase. I do want to tell you how to make your trip to Disney (and a lot of other places as well) a lot easier.

Thanks to Pinterest, I discovered an amazing packing tip. I was directed over to this blog post and thought that packing outfits in a single bag was BRILLIANT for my daughter's clothes!  She loves to pick out her own clothes and I knew we could end up battling over not wearing skirts on a cold day or wanting to wear her favorite shirt that she wore yesterday already.  So I packed up outfits in gallon sized zip lock bags. Entire outfits: shirt, pants, socks, underwear, and hair accessories all in one baggie.  Then she got to pick her clothes - she just got to pick an entire baggie at a time. And packing a change of clothes to take to the parks (just in case) was easy, as I just grabbed an entire bag and dropped it into the backpack we were carrying into the parks.

Pack something like a make up bag full of items to taken into the park.  Include sunscreen, lip balm, band aids, antibiotic ointment (yes you can get this in the park at a first aid station, but this is easy enough), a Tide pen (or similar), hand sanitizer, headache and/or allergy meds, antacids, and motion sickness meds.  If you wear contacts like I do, you can also pack your glasses and your contact case with contact solution in it in case your eyes get tired and dry from your contacts.  Also pack wet wipes.

Pack 1-1/2 outfits per small child per day.  This will ensure that you have enough clothes (I hope) for the duration of any accidents or mishaps.

Only pack comfortable and durable shoes for the parks. Do not go in new shoes. Do not go in shoes that EVER rub your feet. Flip flops make your feet work to hold them on and hurt after walking all day in them. Wear sneakers. You will be walking miles. Literally.

Pack all phone chargers, camera chargers, and laptop chargers.

Take a laptop and dump all photos at the end of each day. That way there is no chance you'll run out of room on your memory card before taking another priceless photo of your family.

Take photos (front and back) of your tickets and have them on your phone - or leave them on your camera.  Disney can help you out if they can see the bar codes and ticket info on them. Take a pic of the back of your Photo Pass card as well.

Include medicine cabinet items like aloe vera, eye drops, and some foot powder or something along the lines of Gold Bond.

Pack a poncho for each family member. If it start raining some people will leave but the park will stay open.

Pack your own glow sticks and autograph books (and pens).  They sell them in the park for far more than you'll pay offsite.  

If you possibly have room, pack your own (not umbrella) stroller. You'll want the storage that it offers and the Disney ones come with a hefty deposit.

Pack items to entertain kids while in line. Bubbles are great as well as small books or games on your phone. Try some pipe cleaners - cheap and leaves them open to using their imagination. Waiting is hard even when you're 30. Imagine your 3 again and think of the people around you in line.

If you want to do the Pressed Penny thing (seriously...our son really got into this), intentionally pack two quarters and a penny together.  You can put them together like that in rolled quarter papers or in a canister like mini M&Ms come in so you aren't always digging in your pockets for change.  If you're really into it, you can buy a penny collector book at Disney World (I saw them in Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in the Magic Kingdom, but you can probably find them elsewhere too).

Pack a water bottle. Counter service and Table Service restaurants will refill them for free.

What have I missed?  What are your packing tips?

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