Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mother's Day Gifts Series - Part 1 of 5

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So, I was going to write an 11-part series on the 10 most popular Mother's Day gift ideas for this year, some less expensive alternatives and some downright frugal choices. I considered starting this on Wednesday the 30th, which would take us right up until Mother's Day itself. Then I realized that if anyone wanted to use these ideas, that really left no time to do any of them. Therefore, I am combining the posts into 5 parts consisting of 2 ideas each, with the last post being 2 gifts and packaging ideas. Hopefully this will leave some time to implement. Sorry for the long intro, but I felt it was necessary (I am not a woman of few words).

1.) Flowers:
Standard: What says "Mom" like flowers? To some people, nothing. However, these blooming beauties can be quite pricey and frankly, they typically die within days. So I am offering you alternatives.

Less Expensive: Gardening tools, seeds, seedlings, or perennials that can can be planted. And yes, plant it for her. Nothing says "Happy Mother's Day" like "here's another chore for you to do, but I bought it." Plant a tree in her honor. Buy her some seedlings or seeds to get started.

Frugal Gifts: Here are some great ideas I found. What is more wonderful than a handmade gift from the kids?

Photo flowers
Laundry Bottle Bouquet Holder
Flower Pot Recipe Holder
Pretty Painted Flower Pot
Coffee Filter Flowers
Finger-Print Flower Vase
Helping Hands
Bouquet in Hand

2.) Designer Handbag:
Standard: These are all the rage among some of my friends and co-workers. I'm not a designer-bag type of girl, but hey--to each his own, right? How about these alternatives?

Less Expensive: Check out discount stores like Target, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or departments stores that are having sales. You can find some really cute bags for great prices!

Downright Frugal: How about making some? Seriously...here are some ideas!
Almost No Sew Hip Make-Up Bag
Tiny Tote

Tune in tomorrow for more ideas!

Photo credit (in order of appearance): torontofotobug, Jungle Jim's International Market

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