Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mother's Day Gifts Series - Part 2 of 5

See this previous post for the intro to this series. Moving on...

3.) Family Photo Session:
Standard: I don't know any mom that wouldn't tear up with a nice framed photo of her family looking their best in a professionally taken and framed photo. However, this can get pricey and all moms know this. So instead of worrying her about the cost of such a gift, try out these other ideas!

Less Costly: Try making a photo book for her using a collection of photos. Make them recent. Make them from the first year of her children's lives. Make them a collection of her with her children. Whatever would mean the most to her. Check out Walgreen's (enter code MOMSDAY for 20% savings through May 3rd), CVS, Snapfish, and plenty of other photo sites for offers on photo books! If this does not appeal to you, try buying/making some keepsake photo boxes for storing all of those precious memories. And any mom can appreciate organization! Or try creating a professional-looking Mother's Story.

Frugal Alternatives: More homemade ideas:
--Organize those family photos into albums or boxes in an orderly manner (one that won't give her the impression that she needs to come behind you and do it over).
--Have the children create a "This is Your Life" series of drawings, writings, and artistic impressions and present them to her in the game-show type theme
--Home-Sweet-Home Photo Gallery
--Springtime Photo Frames
--Refrigerator Clips
--Various Frames
--Create refrigerator magnets of photos of your family (adhesive magnets + family photos)
--Update: And I just found out about this deal over at Bargain Shopper Lady. I had to edit my post to share it with you since it is such a great deal! Artscow is offering 400 free print credits & 1 free 8×8 custom cover photo book for signing up now! (You get 50 free per month for a period of four months.) This is possibly one of the best deals of the year!

4.) Pajamas/Loungewear:

Standard: There are some great ideas for purchases and nothing says "relax and take the day off" as a nice comfy pair of PJs. However, check out the following alternatives before running out and making that purchase.

Less Costly: Buy a regular sleep shirt and decorate with paint via the kids.

Frugal Fabulous:
--A Comfort Pillow
--Silky Sachets for that lingerie drawer
--Beauty Mask for sleeping/relaxing

Ideas #5 and #6 will be here tomorrow...

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