Monday, October 26, 2009

8 Free Family Fun Activities

Today is the beginning of a new series I am naming "Monday 8s" where I talk about 8 of something. Really clever, no? Some of these will be about frugality, some about family life, some about general information, and some about random things.

I know, not too specific is it? Well, that's the fun of it I guess.

Today's Monday 8 will fall into the realm of frugality since it is the kick-off post.

So here's to a new series beginning!

8 Free Family Fun Activities
  1. Visit local park/playground. Most towns/communities/neighborhoods have some form of local park or playground to visit. You can find anything from playground equipment to picnic tables to walking trails to tennis and basketball courts. This one is a "no brainer."
  2. Library. The library has drastically changed since I was a child. Now you can find lots of good and free reading material as well as movies, books on tape/CD, magazines, and free internet usage. Most also have some type of playstuff set up in the children's area like a train table or such. Just remember to keep your voices low. =)
  3. Nature Walk/Bike Ride. Get outdoors with the entire family. Ride your bikes to explore (semi) far away places together and get some great exercise. Or for something closer to home, take a walk and look at birds, bugs, leaves and flowers on your way. My son is one to collect rocks, so there are always plenty on the trip to occupy him. And a walk with a handful of rocks is always an adventure to him!
  4. Picnic. This one is a fun one. You don't even have to go to a park for this one. Just set up a blanket in the yard and have a meal together on the ground. Fighting off the ants is part of the fun. Or even if it is raining, have a special indoors picnic. We VERY OCCASIONALLY have had the treat of eating on a quilt in front of the TV while watching a family-friendly movie. It's always a treat!
  5. Play hide-and-seek/tag. That's right...get outside and run around like you were 8 years old again. You're not too old for it...and your kids will love it!
  6. Camping. Sure you can go all out and do this at a campsite, but I was thinking something even more your own yard. Set up a tent or just put some sleeping bags out on a porch. You can be within a few feet of the house, but your kids' minds will be far away getting to enjoy this specialty!
  7. Playing Board Games. There are so many good board games out there for kids now. Some emphasize learning (counting) or skills (money) while others are just outright silly. They are all fun though and just a few dollars invested once can create memory after memory for your children.
  8. Sing/Dance. That's right...just turn up the music and let loose! Your kids naturally love music and they don't care if you have rhythm or can carry a tune. They care about go have some!

So even when our purse strings are tied tight, there are still lots of fun things to do in order to create a lifetime of memories for your children.

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