Wednesday, October 14, 2009

WFMW - Save Time in the Morning

I know, I've heard this one a million times. However, this is not "Post an Original Idea" Wednesday"'s What Works for Me Wednesday, and I am posting something that works for me.

Why would I post something that you've heard over and over again? Because I had heard it so many times and ignored many of you currently do. Now that I do it, I can sleep in an extra 10 minutes or just keep myself from being frantic in the mornings.

What's this age-old tip?

Pack lunches the night before.

Now I only have my own to pack at the moment, as Chip is currently out of work, Patrick eats at school, and Abigail's bottles are prepared as much as possible at night (sometimes we have to wait to get more milk to top off a second bottle in the morning), but since I know what I want, it's not too hard to pull off. =)

Seriously...just by packing my lunch at night (or at least getting it in a nice pile of already portioned containers in the refrigerator) saves a LOT of time in the morning.

It works for me! Go over to We are THAT Family to see what works for everyone else!

Photo credit: anissat


  1. I did this when me kids were younger, and have continued for my hubby and me. It really does work!

  2. This works for me, too! As long as I make myself do it, that is, which is about 90 percent of the time. Those other mornings I am definitely much more harried as I scramble to throw three lunches together!