Tuesday, October 6, 2009

WFMW - Cleaner Bathtub

From the time I took baths unsupervised, I was instructed the same thing...wipe out the tub when you're done.


Was it because I was a grungy little girl who loved to play in the dirt? Probably.

However, as I grew older and wiser and gulp more like my mother, I came to understand that this action had far more reaching results than just keeping the immediate coating of filth I carried out of the way of others.

By wiping out the tub with our towel after each bath, we avoided ring around the tub that resulted from dirt--sure. It also avoided water stains both along the edges, on the bottom, and on the hardware. There was no need for scrubbing on Saturday/cleaning day, as it was already quite clean. Just 5 seconds of work after each bath (times the six people we had in the household), and much time saved at cleaning time on the weekend. Some simple bathroom cleaner run over it and no elbow grease was necessary.

And for the record...that photo is NOT of my bathtub. =) My mom wants you to know that it is not hers either.

This worked for my mom, and it should work for you too. Go over to We Are THAT Family to see what works for everyone else as well in this week's special Cleaning Tip edition.

photo credit: Kamal H.


  1. Do you keep a separate towel just for wiping out the tub?

  2. Growing up we just used the one we'd bathed with because my mom washed each towels after every use (she was a bit obsessive about her cleaning), but since I don't do that, I would suggest using a separate towel just for that purpose if it bothered you. Of course if there isn't any visible dirt in the bathtub, to clean the water out would be no dirtier than wiping yourself off. Up to you and your level of comfort with that entirely. =)

  3. Great idea! I have heard it with showers but never tried. I really should. I always struggle to get the tub/shower as clean as I would like.

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  5. Great idea! And it's so simple that I feel silly for never thinking of it!

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