Monday, January 25, 2010

8 Shortcut Keys that Save My Life

  1. Control + Z—Seriously, the “Undo” button was put on this keyboard just for me I think.
  2. Control + Y­—The “Redo” button is for when I want to Undo an “Undo.” Another great one
  3. Control + X—I never use my Edit menu. I “Cut” a lot. This is how I pull it off.
  4. Control + C—Even more than cutting, I “Copy” a lot. This is how I do that.
  5. Control + V—To go along with cut and copy, I must also “Paste” with this button. I may have saved HOURS of my time not using the mouse for these three tasks.
  6. Control + Tab—I learned this one long into my computer usage lifetime. It’s kinda’ an “untab” button. If you have a bulleted list that tries to (incorrectly) think for itself and you end up with bullets in the wrong place, this button can save your life.
  7. Control + F—I use this one with documents, webpages, and in my own HTML code all the time when trying to “Find” a particular word or phrase. Remember the asterisk (*) is a wildcard in this field.
  8. Editing: Control U, I, or B—See? I told you I never open my Edit menu. I often use these three button to do basic Underline, Italics, and Bold formatting for my text.

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Photo credit: daniel437

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