Monday, January 4, 2010

8 Ways to Save $100 This Year

  1. Change in a jar—When you get home everyday, drop the coins in your pocket/purse into a jar. When the jar is full, use it for something special.
  2. Get a library card (books, movies, computer, etc)—There really is no need to buy books or rent movies if you have a decent library. I have discovered some of my favorite authors because I just picked up a free book at the library when I never would have paid for a book by someone I didn’t know. Some people go so far as using the internet there exclusively and foregoing the need for a computer as well.
  3. Order water—Did you know that a drink can increase your dining bill by $1.50 to $3.00 for a regular soda/tea/juice. Ridiculous. I can save 30% off a meal (like lunch) just by ordering water, which is usually free!
  4. Brew your own coffee—Do you really need to pay $3.00 a cup for coffee? You can purchase your own coffee, some tasty creamer or varying flavors and do it so much more cheaply yourself. You can even “splurge” and get a coffee maker that has a timer so you don’t have to get up any earlier in the morning to enjoy your coffee. It will pay for itself in no time!
  5. Redbox—There are too many Redbox rental codes for free movies for you to pay to rent new releases anymore. You can use a code to get a 1-night rental for free. And you can use that same code one time for any card that you have (credit/debit). You carry 2 cards and your hubby carries 2 cards, that is FOUR free rentals with only one code. Check here for current codes and offers!
  6. Pay attention to bank account (ATM fees, overdrafts, late fees)—Keep your eyes open to keep from paying unnecessary fees from your bank. Don’t get charged $30 or more because you sent the check one day earlier hoping your paycheck would clear before the one you wrote from that account. Think about where a local bank is on your way to your destination rather than finding yourself there only without access of another bank and have to pay fees (from both banks) from using an ATM that is not yours.
  7. Skype—Drop long distance and Skype. You can call computer to computer anywhere in the world for free just by downloading their (free) software. And if you want to spend just a little money, you can buy a webcam (we paid $30 but there are cheaper ones) and see who you are talking to.
  8. Sell stuff (no storage and/or income)—If you sell your unused items, you can reap various rewards! First of all…you have cash for your stuff. Great! Better than that though, you can have the piece of mind of not having clutter, you might find something you forgot your had (or had misplaced) while uncluttering to sell stuff, and you might just get to quit paying storage fees for stuff that you never see anyway (because it is sitting in a storage unit somewhere).,, EBay, and Craigslist (among many others) make it too easy not to sell stuff—even specialty items—that you no longer use.

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