Wednesday, January 20, 2010

WFMW - Get out tough stains

Having Abigail has provided a new challenge in our lives...laundry wars.

With Patrick we didn't have the huge messes that this little girl makes. For the first 5 months of her life we battled the no-diaper-can-contain-what-she-makes-eating-only-breastmilk dilemma. We'd be so very proud of the days that she came home from daycare in the same clothes she left the house in that morning. They were truly days to celebrate, as they happened once or twice every two weeks.

And when they come home in a plastic bag from daycare, they weren't rinsed out. I questioned this one time and was told that the health department doesn't let them rinse the clothes out when soiled, so the stain may have set in for hours at this point. Blech.

Patrick had a nanny that stayed with him at our house, so when he had this issue, it went straight into the washing machine with whatever laundry she could find to create a full load, so we never had to fight set in stains.

Now we can celebrate that the child is eating solid foods three meals a day. No more super messes in the diapers.

But now. Sigh. Now we have food stains. All over her clothes. Because she likes to put her hands in her mouth while she eats. And then proceed to touch everything in sight. And based on my own non-scientific research it seems that approximately 83% of beginning baby foods are bright yellow or orange in color. An additional 15% are from the green family with the remaing 2% being the color of cereal and applesauce.

What to do?

I thought I would give this little product here a shot:

I had acquired this particular laundry product in one of my drugstore shopping marathon deals (for free or pennies I'm sure--otherwise I wouldn't own it). I had never used it, but thought I could give it a shot.

This is obviously made of the nectar of the gods because IT WORKS!

Seriously...nothing else would remove the stains, but this would remove very tough, set-in stains.

Sometimes the first time!

There are other times where the stain is so deeply set that I use the product and wash the garment in the hottest water allowed by the garment and end up having to re-use it because although the stain is lessened, it is still there. But by two loads at the most, the stain is completely gone! Amazing!

Now some of you will argue that this isn't the cheapest product. I'll agree, but I did get it for cheap with coupons and some type of drugstore deal. Some of you will argue that it isn't a green product. I will assume you are right. Some of you might fuss at me for using hot water in my washing machine.

To all of those arguments, I will tell you that while they are all true, I figure the best use of my money is making my children's clothes LAST. This product makes that happen.

I buy it even when it's not on sale now if I need it (although there is usually a coupon out there to make it better) because it is needed in my daily laundry life.

Go get some today. You can buy it almost anywhere you can buy laundry products I'm sure.

Go over to We are THAT Family to see what works for everyone else!

No compensation was made for this post. In fact, I doubt the manufacturer has any idea that I exist or that I care for their product. I just like the product because it works and I wanted to share that with you. Darn the FCC for making me add this caveat. =)


  1. Let the company know how much it works for you, and that you posted about it on your blog. They may send coupons or free products! They like to hear when you like something.

  2. Actually, after I posted this, I thought of that and did so. Thanks for the tip though. It's a great reminder that companies really do (sometimes) appreciate customer feedback!

  3. Great post. We haven't had stain problems other then the ones my husband comes home with but I don't really count those. They're permanent xD Since he works outdoors. I don't bother anymore. There's no point.