Monday, August 2, 2010

8 Interesting Uses for Chalk

I truly love finding interesting and new uses for everyday items. In my investigation of such things, I ran across a list of uncommon uses for white chalk at Joey Green's Wacky Uses. I wanted to share those with you.

  1. Clean ring-around-the-collar. Mark the stain heavily with white Crayola Chalk. The chalk will absorb the sebum oil that holds in the dirt.
  2. Prevent silverware from tarnishing. Place a piece of Crayola Chalk in your silver chest to absorb moisture.
  3. Prevent tools from rusting. Place a few pieces of Crayola Chalk in your toolbox to absorb moisture.
  4. Remove grease. Rub Crayola Chalk on a grease spot on clothing or table linens, let it absorb the oil, then brush off. Launder as usual.
  5. Prevent costume jewelry from tarnishing. Place a piece of Crayola Chalk in your jewelry box.
  6. Prevent a screwdriver from slipping. Rub Crayola Chalk on the tip.
  7. Fill a hole in a plaster wall. Insert a piece of Crayola Chalk into the hole, cut it off even with the wall, then plaster.
  8. Repel pests. Draw a line of Crayola Chalk around windows and doors outside your home, and around water pipes inside your home. Ants will not cross a chalk line. Also, slugs will not cross a chalk line.

Do you know of any to add to the list?

Photo credit: RGD_90

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  1. Awesome list, I think most of these will come in handy. I think I'll add 'chalk' to the next trip to the dollar store!