Monday, August 9, 2010

8 New Uses for Clear Nail Polish

In my quest for finding interesting uses for common items, I found another real winner at Joey Green's Wacky Uses that I wanted to share with you.

Clear nail polish. I LOVED these ideas and had only ever heard of one of them!
  1. Stop a run in nylons. Paint the snag immediately with clear nail polish.
  2. Protect shirt buttons. Dab the center of each button with clear nail polish to reinforce the threads so buttons stay on longer
  3. Laminate prescription labels. Keep prescription labels clear and readable by painting them with clear nail polish.
  4. Prevent rust on toilet seat screws. Paint the screws with clear nail polish.
  5. Thread a needle with ease. Dip the end of the thread in clear nail polish. Let dry, then thread.
  6. Repair a small dent in a window, auto windshield, or wood floor. Fill hole with a few drops of clear nail polish, let it dry, then add a few more drops until full.
  7. Prevent the bottom edges of shaving cream cans from rusting. Paint the bottom edges of the can with clear nail polish.
  8. Tighten loose dresser drawer knobs. Dip the end of the screw in clear nail polish and replace the knob in the hole to dry snugly.
Any others you want to add?

Photo credit: rbatina

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