Friday, April 13, 2012

The Best of 13 Uses

Becoming a new Friday the 13th series for 2012 (yes, I can call it a series when there are three such occurrences this year), I am introducing you to 13 posts that feature a list of 13.  In January, we saw 13 Ways to do different tasks.  Today we will look at 13 uses for ordinary items. 

I hope you learn something new...I sure did!

  1. 13 Wonderful Ways to Use Epsom Salts 
  2. 13 uses for receiving blankets 
  3. 13 Unusual Uses for a Hair Dryer 
  4. 13 Uses for Those Stray Lemons in Your Fridge 
  5. 13 Ways to Use Vinegar 
  6. 13 Uses for Dryer Lint 
  7. 13 Amazing Uses for WD-40 
  8. 13 Uses for Cucumbers 
  9. 13 Unconventional Uses of Duct Tape 
  10. 13 Uses for a Bottle of Vodka - this site is not written in English-as-a-first-language style, but you easily get the message. 
  11. 13 Uses for a Lanyard 
  12. 13 Uses for Homegrown Tomatoes 
  13. 13 Alt Uses for Your New Mason Jar

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