Thursday, April 12, 2012

Quick Check In

So you don't have a real blog post today because I mainly blog from work during my breaks. I spent yesterday at home so I didn't get much done. I got one blog post written for Friday that was quite time-consuming so the day wasn't a total loss blogging-wise.

But I wanted to tell you something really quick that might just make you happy.

The first good news is that tomorrow morning I will pick a winner for the Char Crust and Spiffies giveaways. If you haven't entered yet, get to it...just a few hours left.

The second good news is, regardless of the lack of blogging this week, you will have four (yes, FOUR) new posts tomorrow.

The third set of good news?  Three of those four are NEW GIVEAWAYS to enter!


So come back tomorrow for some great chances to win awesome prizes and another blog post that will have some interesting info for you.

Have a great evening!

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