Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mother's Day Gifts Series - Part 3 of 5

Continuing (click here for the beginning of the series):

5.) Jewelry:
Standard: Have you noticed all of the jewelry ads on TV, in the paper, and on billboards lately? Jewelers know that this is typically a big jewelry day and are enticing you to buy something that tries to prove how you feel about the Mom in your life with sparklies and shinies. It works often. However, let me give you some alternatives.

Wallet-Friendly: Try finding something in an etsy shop that she would love (and support other moms in the process). In you want your gift to "give back" try one of these items from the Breast Cancer Site, which will donate proceeds from your purchase toward mammograms for less fortunate women (they are having an awesome pearl sale!)Or try one of these sites for some deals on beautiful pieces:
--Silver Jewelry Club
--Silver Jewelry

Even Friendlier to Your Wallet: Try your hand at some of these items:
--M-O-M bracelets
--Button Bracelet
--Ring and Bracelet craft
--Ribbon Bracelet
--Foam Mom Bracelet
--Crystal Clear Necklace

6.) Spa Treatment:

Standard: Seriously, who wouldn't enjoy this pampering experience. However, there are alternatives for those of us on a budget that will let her know that she is appreciated.

No Less Thoughtful: Buy her some bath sets or candles from somewhere like Bath and Body Works or Crabtree & Evelyn. Make sure that these are thought through and not the first item you see in the store. As long as she knows that you were thinking of her when you purchased it, you will be a hit.

From the Heart, Not the Wallet: Try out these homemade treats:
--Bath Bags
--Luxury in Lace
--Jeweled Votive Candle Holder
--More Soaps
--More Candles
--Bath Salts
--Slipper Cookies (now there's a great end to a theme!)

Tune in tomorrow...same Nespy time, same Nespy channel. =)

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