Thursday, November 12, 2009

Great Discount Sites

With the holidays coming up, I have really been scouring discount sites for gift-giving needs. In this process I have used some oldie-but-goodies as well as been introduced to some new ones. I thought with everyone currently trying to snag great bargains, I could help you out by making sure you knew about all of the ones that I frequent.

Slickdeals - Now I don't usually visit slickdeals personally, as there is a LOT of information there to sort through. My recommendation (and personal practice) with SD is to subscribe to their blog feed to get some hot discount updates. Also I usually stop by there to do a search through their forum if there is something in particular I am looking for a good deal on.

Woot - This is a fairly new site to me. This seems to be hit or miss depending on your personal preferences. I haven't ordered anything yet, but I have seen what would be good deals if I was in the market for the featured product of the day. This site updates it's single featured product once a day (or when the product of the day sells out). A funny feature to this site is their "Bag of Crap." Everyone once in a while, unannounced, they sell a BOC for $5. You seriously have no idea what is going to come in it. It really could be something worthless or it really could be something awesome. I've heard accounts of both. I'm sure it's whatever items that they just have a few of in their warehouses. The article that goes with each product is also entertaining at least. Example - Today's featured item is a Gateway 11.6" Notebook computer for $279.99 plus shipping. There are forums to get more information/comments about the products.

Similarly there is Kids Woot, Wine Woot, and Shirt Woot for special interest. There is also Sellout Woot via Yahoo.

1 Sale a Day - This is a very promising site that a friend just introduced me to about 2 days ago. Similarly to Woot, every day they feature one main product (can be anything) but also have categories for Wireless, Watch, Family & Jewelry. Two days ago they featured Wii Sports Pack (tennis racket, golf club, etc) to attach to your Wii nunchucks for free (you paid only $5.99 shipping) although they normally retail for $79.99! Yesterday they had freshwater pearls - an 18' necklace - for only $15.00 (normally right at $200). My friend ordered from them for the first time (the Wii package), so I'll let you know how that goes.

Retail Me Not - Not a discount site, but where I ALWAYS check for coupon codes before ordering ANYTHING on the internet. I have saved so much money through them!

So those are my recommendations. None of these sites asked me to mention them...I am truly just passing along what I hope to be helpful information.

Happy shopping!

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