Monday, December 28, 2009

8 Numbers to Have in Your Cell Phone

  1. ICE Number—“In Case of Emergency” numbers are now suggested for your cell phone. Some phones have a slot pre-programmed into the contact list for you. For those that don’t…just put something like “ICE-Husband”. This is a number that emergency workers can contact in case of an accident or emergency of any type.
  2. Insurance Agent—You will won’t this one on your person if you are ever in an auto accident. Some people have also used it to avoid going to jail when they did not have their insurance card on their person during a traffic stop (although I will not promise this will work for you). A definite to have on hand.
  3. Pharmacy—Great to call in refills, call with questions about medications, or to check store hours when you need to run out for medicine late.
  4. Childcare—In case you need to call them because you are running late to pick your child up or need to make arrangements for someone else to pick them up for another reason.
  5. Boss—You never know when you will get held up on the way to work (highway accident, unexpected construction, family emergency) and need to call in to tell him/her you will be late.
  6. Roadside Assistance #/Tow Truck—Make sure you know how to get in touch with someone in case you are stranded on the highway. Whether it be a tow company, a local repair shop, or AAA, make sure you know who to call.
  7. Local Take Out Place—You’re running late home from work or just want to surprise the family with your favorite take-out. Make sure you have it on your person so you don’t have to find a phone book to call them for a pick up order.
  8. Doctor’s Office—Always good to have for questions, emergency appointment needs, or referrals.
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