Thursday, December 10, 2009

One of the Best Example of Holiday Thoughtfulness

One time, about 10 years ago, my sister amazed me. Truly amazed me with her giving and thoughtfulness

Don't get me wrong...I'm not trying to imply she is not thoughtful or giving, but I watched her do something that never would have crossed my mind.

On Christmas Eve, she took an entire cooked ham, with trimmings, two gallons of sweet tea, and a red velvet cake to her local fire station. They didn't know she was coming. She just showed up with the meal around mid to late afternoon and gave it to them.

I was floored.

What an awesome way to thank those guys who had to work their shift on Christmas. Those guys who risk their lives to protect the general pubic. Those guys who obviously were going to be celebrating with their fire station family that night.

They make sacrifices every day. Sacrifices much greater than the money it took to buy the groceries for that meal. Sacrifices much greater than the time and effort it took her to prepare that dinner. Sacrifices much more than braving the icy rain encountered while delivering it.

I saw her in that moment not as the big sister that she has always been, but as someone who was truly generous and someone to emulate.
Photo credit: jamesacampbell


  1. Bless your sister's heart! As a wife of a professional firefighter, this really warmed my heart! Most people don't really think of their town's firefighters and the fact that they are away from their families on holidays. This year my hubby is working on Christmas Day so it'll be rough, but we'll get through. (Santa makes special arrangements with firefighter/police families to come a day early if Mom or Dad has to work on Christmas.) Please tell your sister Thank You from us!!!!

  2. What a truly awesome thing to do!

    I babysit for a Paramedic (who is also a single mom) and she has to work every Thanksgiving, and often Christmas as well. She amazes me with her dedication to her job. It doesn't pay very well, and is 12-14 hours a shift, but she loves helping people. I am sure glad that there are people like her in this world.