Wednesday, December 2, 2009

WFMW - My Frugal Christmas Gifts

This year the purse strings are tighter than normal. Chip still has not found a job ( seems NO ONE is hiring around here right now) and we're still trying to attack our debt. So in our efforts to control spending this Christmas we are having to be a lot more careful about where our money is going. I typically give small gifts to all of my employees (6 of them) and my boss. We have some good friends I'd like to give gifts to. And there are three people that are work friends that I will exchange gifts for. This is all in addition to our family gifts, which are also on a tighter budget this year.

So I have decided that all of those other people are getting the same thing this year...homemade goodies. All of the ingredients will be on sale this holiday season and they are cheaper to make in bulk than just as a few. These are the items that are currently on my list of possibilities:

Super Brownies (some of my friends will wonder why I didn't make these if they aren't included!)
Red Velvet Cake Truffles (YUMMY! I will do them in white chocolate and may try to get creative and drizzle them in red)
Fudge (probably peanut butter to avoid too much chocolate in one place)
Haystacks (my mom used to make these. So good and so easy)
Pies in Jars (I just found this recently and fell in love with the idea!)
Peppermint Bark (how holiday-ish)
Snowballs (LOVE these)
Peanut Butter Blossoms (Patrick loves to help make these)
Dipped Pretzels (love sweet and salty together)
Dipped Ritz Sandwiches (one of my childhood favorites at Christmas)

That's all that is on my mind at the moment. I am not guaranteeing that I will do them all. Those are just possibilities. And I can mix and match for different people...they don't all have to have each variety. And luckily--none of them read this blog, so I know there is no threat in them finding out early!

What do you think? Do you have any favorites I didn't list that you would recommend?

I think this will work for me this holiday. Head over to We Are THAT Family to see what gift-giving ideas others are coming up with!


  1. what a great idea. i was thinking of doing the same thing this year. :)

  2. Hi! Came to your blog from WFMW and your comment on my blog. From your profile, it looks like our kids are around the same ages! I make treats for my neighbors every year and this year will be making oreo truffles, red velvet cake balls and now (from this post) will be making the peanut butter snowballs! Thanks for the recipes!