Monday, February 1, 2010

8 Phone Numbers a Baby Sitter Needs to Have

  1. Mom’s Cell—In case dad’s phone isn’t on.
  2. Dad’s Cell—In case mom’s phone isn’t on.
  3. Grandma’s phone—In case mom and dad are somewhere they cannot turn on their cell phones.
  4. Neighbor’s phone—For local needs that don’t require a family member’s help.
  5. Doctor’s phone—Phone number for the child’s doctor.
  6. Poison control—So important. Make sure they also know what to do with the information they are given by poison control (for instance, what “inducing” means in case they are told to induce or not to induce vomiting).
  7. Pharmacy—In case they need to ask if it is okay to give Tylenol to an infant and how much. Make sure they know enough about any conditions your child may have before you allow them this freedom.
  8. Your own house—So they can call if they are going to be late arriving.

Photo credit: Garrettc

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