Monday, February 8, 2010

8 Ways to Appreciate Your Husband

Since Valentine's is right around the corner, I thought this would be a good time to remind you to let your husband know how much you appreciate him as a husband, father, and man.
  1. Cook a special meal—The way to a man’s heart sometimes really is through his stomach. This is a representation of him being the head of his home and you fulfilling some of the most basic of domestic duties. It doesn’t have to be gourmet…it just have to be something he likes. It shows you are serving him, you were thinking about him, and you love him. He gets it. He really does.
  2. Thank him for working—Men have an innate need to provide for the family. Sometimes they feel unappreciated. And truly, when the everyday tasks become truly everyday, it can be easy to forget that he does it for you and for his family. It can be easy to forget to thank him. But he needs to hear it.
  3. Allow him hobby time—Men need “me time” just like you do. Allow him time to fish, hunt, work in the garage, or whatever he likes to do. No, this should not predominate his time and he should not spend more “me” time than family time, but he needs a break just like you do. Give that to him as long as the hobby is healthy.
  4. Give him time to unwind from work—Don’t talk his head off as soon as he walks in the door. Don’t throw the kids at him because you have had them all day and frankly, you are tired of them. Give him some allotted time to just unwind. Maybe it’s 10 minutes. Maybe it’s enough time for a shower. Whatever the two of you can agree on. But give him time to decompress. He will them be able to return the favor to you.
  5. Make sure the house is clean—A man’s house is his castle. And even when he understands that you are busy too, he doesn’t want a dirty castle. It’s similar to item #1—it shows some domestic duty on your part and makes him feel appreciated.
  6. Leave notes with lunch/briefcase—Remind him that you love him. He likes to be reminded through the little things.
  7. Thank him for the little things/honey-dos—You have a big long list for him to accomplish on his day off. Do you thank him for it? You should. He wants to do his part around the house, but that desire wanes when he feels unappreciated.
  8. Surprise him—The way to a man’s heart isn’t always through his stomach. Enough said.

Photo credit: Bob.Fornal

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