Wednesday, February 10, 2010

WFMW - Easier on the Tastebuds

The little girl is truly growing up.

She's totally into baby food these days. She loves it. She is like her mom and has a big relationship with her food. There is hardly anything she won't eat.

Except peas. Oh, she does not like peas. Just like her brother was at that age. Honestly...I don't really like them either, so I can't blame either of them. But it is surprising how many jarred baby foods (like the dinner and combination ones) have peas in them. I want her to like them. But she just doesn't. And it seems that she can certainly pick out the ones that have peas in them and turn her nose up quickly.

I've found a trick that helps her eat these more readily.


After a few tries with a particular food that she consistently rejects, I will cap it off and put it in the fridge in order to give it another go the next day. I've heard that sometimes it takes multiple tries before you like a food. So I will try again.

Amazingly, she eats even her least favorites when they are chilly.

So I now can take out one that she typically doesn't like, refrigerate it, serve it cold, and she eats much more of it than when it is room temperature.

I have no idea why. Maybe the chill feels good on her teething gums. Maybe the chill takes away some of the impact of the flavor. Whatever it is, it seems to work at our house.

Go check out We Are THAT Family to see what works for everyone else! (By the way...she's got an amazing tip today, so you really should go check it out!)

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  1. Oh what a great tip! Thanks!

    I always warmed up their foods... I would have never thought of sticking it in the fridge first... :-)