Monday, April 26, 2010

8 Items It’s Okay to Run to the Store For

  1. Milk—It may not last the full time before your next trip to the store. Or you don’t want to buy too much at a time for fear of it expiring. Regardless, this is fine to run out to get at the store.
  2. Eggs—Same as milk. These are pure staples in cooking and you could easily run out before time for the next trip to the store.
  3. Bread—One more staple. You don’t want it old and stale, so you don’t buy too much. However, if it was a sandwich-heavy week, you might run out quickly. Go ahead and stop on the way home from work and get it.
  4. Wine—Sometimes you need some impromptu romance. It’s okay…do it.
  5. Ice Cream—My theory behind this one is simple—if you have it in the house at all times, you will eat it at all times. You cannot eat it if it is not in the house. On the flip side, sometimes you really NEED it, and it is okay to go out and get. Especially true if anyone in the household is pregnant.
  6. Toilet Paper—Go. Now.
  7. Diapers—Sometimes, despite trying to buy in bulk, you do run out. You won’t be the first person to show up in the checkout line with only a package of diapers to pay for (and maybe some eggs).
  8. Medicine—You can’t always predict the symptoms of that cold. Go out and buy the medicine that is as specific to the symptoms as possible. Ask your pharmacist…that’s why they are there so late.

Disclaimer—All of these things really are okay to go out and buy outside of your normal grocery shopping ONLY IF you don’t get sucked into the “one more thing” syndrome that can strike you while you are there. Stay focused.

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