Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WFMW - Keep Sand from Sticking

Two weekends ago, I took the kids to the beach (that's the joy of living in the it a a trade off, if you will, for our extreme summers).

With a little preschool boy who LOVES to play in the sand and surf and a 9-month old daughter who loved to crawl in the sand then proceed to eat it, I faced the challenge of keeping a desert-full of sand out of my car on the way home.

How to do it?

Open the diaper bag and apply baby powder to the kids before putting them in the car. The powder absorbs any excess moisture and the sand brushes right off! It's magic!

If you don't have to carry a diaper bag, put some in your beach can even just get a small travel-size that doesn't take up much room for this task.'s brilliant and it truly works for me!

Check out We Are THAT Family and see what works for everyone else!

Photo credit: bundun2002


  1. Sweet! I am definitely going to try that next time. We always bring home enough sand to make a sandbox, it seems.

    Thanks ~

  2. WOW! I've got FOUR kids who love the sand and I hate how my car becomes a rolling sandbox by the end of the summer. I'll definitely be using this trick this summer! TFS!

  3. I am definitely going to try this next time at the beach. That sand is really aggravating when wet! Thanks so much!