Monday, April 19, 2010

8 Items to Buy in Bulk

  1. Diapers/Wipes: They typically are much less expensive in bulk and you know you don’t want to find yourself without them, so go ahead and buy them. Just make sure you don’t overbuy in sizes while they are growing quickly. Yes, you can return them to the store to exchange them for a larger size, but that’s no more convenient than having to go out to buy them last-minute, so buy in bulk when you see a good deal, but buy smart size-wise.
  2. Light bulbs—You don’t want to go out to the store because the lights are out.
  3. Batteries—You don’t wan to go to the store because the lights are out and the flashlight is dead.
  4. Sugar—If you’re using sugar, you’re likely making a dessert. If you are unable to make a treat because you are a ½ cup sugar short, someone is going to be unhappy. Go ahead and buy ahead…it will keep. Get flour too. It freezes.
  5. Meat—Buy when you see a good price and freeze what you don’t immediately need before the “use by” date. You can often get meat cheap just because you buy in bulk.
  6. Soap/Deodorant—See a good price on your favorite? Go ahead and get it. You’ll use it eventually. And the rest of us don’t want to be around you when you’ve run out of it.
  7. Pasta/Rice—Keeps forever, easy to store, small packages, and makes an easy no-brainer side with almost any meal.
  8. Breakfast Cereal (cold & hot)—If you get these at a good price, stock up. They will not expire for a while, they are a great quick breakfast, the kids can often fix it themselves, they can be a yummy late-night snack, great for when the power is out and you can’t cook dinner. Too many uses. Too many reasons to go ahead and buy in bulk.

Disclaimer—Some people will be toilet paper on this list. I certainly love stocking up on a good deal. This won’t go bad. It is one of the most basic needs for your household. However, it is large and bulky, so storing too much of it can easily be a hassle. Get a lot, but not so much that you have to walk around it to perform your daily tasks.

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