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Mother's Day Gifts Series - Part 4 of 5

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7.) Dinner
Standard: A nice expensive dinner and a date night is always a nice getaway, but such outings can be expensive and if your wife is a tightwad money-conscious, she may not be able to enjoy the evening due to the extravagance. Here's some ideas to ease her stress

Money Saving: Look for coupons for Buy One, Get One meals or even have dinner at home and go our for dessert. Rent a movie that the family can enjoy or just one for the mom and dad while a neighbor keeps the kids. Sometimes just getting take-out (pizza or Chinese?) will help take the dinner burden off of mom for the night.

Totally Frugal: How about breakfast (made by the kids?) in bed. Or a movie night at home complete with homemade pizza (your kids know how to do that by now, right?) and a redbox $1 rental. Better yet--have dad and kids plan, shop for, and prepare all of the meals for one solid week. That takes all of the planning out of her hands and gives her a long break.

8.) Feed Her Hobby:
If her hobby is collecting knick-knacks, do NOT (I NOT) feed this hobby. She needs to be stopped at all costs. However, you can help her out with some interests she may have whether or not she is already pursuing them or not.

Standard: Pay for her to take an adult education class, a cooking class (although be careful that this is not an insult in disguise), a cake-decorating class, guitar lessons, or whatever wonderful new hobby she would like to dive into. This can be a very personal and thoughtful gift.

Less Expensive: Buy items for her to help feed an existing hobby such as scrapbook supplies, gardening tools, fabric samples for her creations, new paints, an organizer (be sure this isn't an insult in disguise too!), cooking gadgets, or whatever will feed her fancy.

Frugal Choice: Homemade items as usual are always a hit with mom--
Kitchen Sink Pot
Easy Pin Cushion
Recipe Card Holder (3x5 or 4x6)
Recipe Cards
Business Card Holder
Bookmarks here or here
Jam/Jelly Jar Tags
Art Caddy
Alligator Sewing Kit

Garden Gloves
Plant Stakes

Or even look at having business cards printed for her for free for her craft passion that she's been wanting to create a business from (but might have been hesitant about). This shows you were thinking of her and encouraging her at the same time! Winner!

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