Thursday, June 5, 2008

10 Awesome Father’s Day Ideas - Part 2 of 5

As we continue our series of great gifts for Dad, I wanted to touch on the "traditional" gifts for him:

3.) Clothing Accessories:
Although I have no supporting facts and figures to back this up, I firmly believe that the week before Father's Day must be the single biggest day in tie sales annually. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with a tie, but we'll try to examine how to make this often mundane type of gift a little more personal.

--Black Tie: A brand new watch, some snazzy bejeweled cuff links, and designer sunglasses are all wonderful accessories to add to that wonderful man's wardrobe. You can also buy expensive dress shirts and ties that he will love.

--Khakis & Polo: A less costly way to accessorize your guy is to give him a wallet or these slippers with headlights (what guy wouldn't think THAT was awesome?!). Have the kids make this lunchbox shoe shine kit (and you can stock it) or buy some less expensive dress attire (but only if he really likes not use this as a fallback gift)--you could opt to personalize a simple tie with his monogram if you have an embroidery sewing machine for an added touch

--Blue Jeans & Sneakers: I challenge you to show me any man who wouldn't love to have this duct-tape wallet! Make a personalized t-shirt for him. Let your kids crown him for his special day.

4.) Tools:
What man could feel masculine without owning at least a few hand tools? Most will prefer the powered variety, but all need to feel that power in their hands. Let's help them out:

--Big Bucks: Power tools can be costly as well as large mobile tool chests. You can even spend a lot of money on a shop or garage organization system to help your man feel as though he has control of his surroundings. However, this is some high-end stuff. If you'd like to spend a little less, try:

--Some Bucks: Hand tools, accessories to his existing tools (does he have a screw extractor set for his drill or a battery charger), or a workbench. Or have him signed up for a class at a local trade school for some how-to tips on a project he's been wanting to tackle. Maybe some eye protection (really...he needs to be wearing that if he's playing with power tools). What about a point-and-click tape measure?

--Almost No Bucks: Make this awesome secret safe for dad for the shop! Have a jar set aside for something that dad wants--one of the bigger items above, maybe? Label it as a Father's Day Fund. Everyone's (mom, kids, dad) change DAILY goes into this jar. It doesn't cost you much on a day-to-day basis, but will be a constant reminder to him that you are all working to get him that big purchase he greatly desires. Organize his garage or shop area for him (although please avoid this if he is a Type A personality, as he may not like you messing with his stuff!).

BONUS: Cards:
You can always support your local pay-out-the-rear-for-a-folded-piece-of-paper-with-a-pre-written-message-on-it card shop. Or you could make your own. Here are some great ones I found:

--Actually Paying: If you do want to purchase something, make it personalized. CVS, Walgreen's, Snapfish, and other photo developers are always offering deals on photo books. Make one of dad and kids and work on it a lot to give it that truly personalized, time-invested appearance of a professional publication. Create a memory book of either his childhood or his life as a dad. You might move him to tears.

--Homemade: Wow...I'll just give you links here:
*DLTK offers cards, coloring pages, crafts, printables, and jig-saw puzzles
*Kaboose has some great cards like tent card, bird and bark card, and fish card
*Family Corner has a great easy photo card
*Making Learning Fun has some cards, coloring pages, crafts, & math lessons
*These Martha Stewart paper airplane cards are great! (bonus: can be used by dad as a toy!)
*Enchanted Learning has a tie card, dog card, and a pop-up card!
*How about this shirt cuff card? ADORABLE!
*Dad Award: here, here, here, here, here, or here...or just make your own!

As long as your gift is from the heart, he'll love it! Come back tomorrow for the third installment!

Photo credit: mai05, Shenky


  1. Awesome Ideas!!! I'm going to link to this post on my blog next week.

    The Duct tape site is too funny!

    Thanks for the reminder that I need to get cracking on those father's day gifts:)

  2. I actually made the duct tape wallet on Tuesday. I was so excited about it that I gave it to him the same day! I have zero patience...he wants golf balls anyways so that will be his regular gift. I got my directions from don't know if that is the same as the one from the duct tape site. But it came out really well!